The game is available for free on PC and lets players compete in 15v15 battles.

Conqueror’s Blade, the free online PC game from Booming Tech, mixes elements from different genres with lots of action and a focus on RPG mechanics, while promoting massive siege battles between 30 players divided into two teams.

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Thus, the game, which is available for free on Steam, brings with it a robust system of classes, equipment, units and many secrets that take time to master. To help you on this journey, we’ve compiled five valuable tips for those who are just starting out:

1 – Which class should you choose?

Conqueror’s Blade offers twelve classes, including Maul’s, which is seasonal content only. Each of them is defined by the weapon used and has its own fighting style: sword, spear, bow are part of the arsenal.

The title differentiates the classes according to the level of difficulty, as some require more skills to perform combos than others, so it is important not to be afraid and try them all out.

All classes have a unique skill tree that will unlock over time. This gives them strengths and weaknesses in combat when compared to one another. So the ideal here is to try each of them out to understand how they work as it can become a competitive advantage over enemies and help you find your favorite.

After choosing the one you like the most, keep it for a while before changing it. Many classes only show their potential when the most advanced skills are unlocked in the tree and the first game days are more relaxed with each class.

Certain classes become less effective over time, especially those in the “easy-to-play” line, as enemy units upgrade their armor and are harder to defeat. If you feel like you are moving more slowly and losing a lot of battles, switch classes.

2 – Don’t skip the tutorials

Conqueror's Blade

When you start Conqueror’s Blade there is a tutorial that will teach you the basics of class combat. After this step, the following tutorials are optional and are part of a quest series parallel to the main story.

If you choose to complete them, your character will have lessons from NPCs who teach advanced unit controls, how to interact with elements of the battlefield, and how to use artillery efficiently. This last part is very important in order to win games.

We know that the desire is to go straight to battle and duel with other players, but it is important to follow the tutorials to get to know the game better and to get good rewards that will give you at the beginning of the game will help travel.

3 – Which units should be used?

Conqueror's Blade

The big difference of Conqueror’s Blade is that it combines elements of strategy with its distinctive combat system. The player controls a battalion that helps to capture or protect important locations on the battlefield.

At first glance, there is a huge range of units to choose from, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. All of them can be improved over time and are essential to beat the different game modes.

The most suitable unit for beginners is the Militia de Pique. The skills of this group of spearmen develop very well over time and are well worth the investment of points. When they reach their maximum potential, they will inflict massive damage on enemy lines even in the most advanced stages of the game. Because of this, this unit doesn’t need to be changed anytime soon and is probably the most durable unit in your army among the initial options.

For more difficult activities like expeditions, the Spear Sergeants are a great choice. They are a more advanced unit but can be released quite early on compared to others at the same level. They are difficult to reach on the front lines and still manage to do a lot of damage with the spears.

The Namkham Archers, Imperial Spear Guards, and Condotierri Guards are also powerful troops to focus on along the way.

4 – Buy a second horse

Playing Conqueror’s Blade gives you a horse. There are more mount slots in the inventory, however, and the trick is to buy the second horse asap. This is because your horse can be shot down in combat and not being ridden is a significant disadvantage. With a horse, it is possible to aggressively flank enemies or escape in a number of ways, including jumping from a great height, as there is no fall damage while riding.

Get yourself a good horse right away, with a high level and full of resilience. They are not cheap, but worth the investment in the long run.

5 – Always communicate

The battles in Conqueror’s Blade are team based and collaboration is what makes one team outperform the other.

It is always necessary to talk to allies about what points to attack, how to fool enemies, what units the opponents are using, and define the best strategy for using artillery.

Since not everyone always speaks the same language, use the game’s tagging system. It is very intuitive and can help communicate your plans to allies and reveal information from enemies.

However, remember that leadership is required. Everyone is playing for fun! A team that sticks together and helps each other has a much better chance of winning.

More quick tips for Conqueror’s Blade

  • Buying artillery in the market or getting it through quests is much cheaper than buying it from NPCs;
  • Use artillery to shoot down units, not human opponents;
  • Catapults can hit allies, be careful when using them;
  • Creating your own equipment is much cheaper than buying it and it results in better properties.
  • Take on the seasonal challenges to unlock powerful units;
  • Daily and weekly challenges are your best resource at the beginning of the adventure.

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