I will begin this text with a reflection on national games. In general, it bothers me these days when it comes to Brazilian games that they ALWAYS talk about the same games, someone will talk about Chroma Squad or Legend of the Hero or a game from JoyMasher or even this shit from Mineirinho.

Yes, the above games came from that niche and had some notoriety in the mainstream gaming media, either because the creator is a fucking asshole or threatened Saban with a lawsuit or Youtubers were involved or the creator staged hidden girls . However. Talking about these games would be easy, but that’s not the mindset here at The Woo Archives.

Here we believe that every game can have its review room, no matter what it is, be it an AAA or an Indie, an Eroge, from Brazil or Russia. If we are in control of the game and can write about it, we will. Sometimes, for one reason or another, it just takes a little longer.

For example, today’s review is of a game that was released some time ago but with so much game in hand and I’ve spent part of the last month reviewing Rick Riordan’s Half Bloods series (the 15 books including the 5 by Percy Jackson, the 5 of the Heroes of Olympus and the 5 of the Trials of Apollo) simply because I was in the mood (and because I do it at least once a year) the review just came out. Anyway, the game we’re going to talk about today is Super Hiking League DX, which was recently released for PC and consoles.

Is your investment worth it?

It’s time to save the world (or the mountains) from a liberal Earthman

You’re in yours, riding in your speedboat (which is like a car) when you run into a weird hooded guy (is he a refugee from Assassin’s Creed? A Death Eater? A member of the Ministry of Darkness? An idiot who decides did you go out with a sheet over your head?). This guy was floating and with the help of a crystal he simply makes an island disappear.

The strange being says that these crystals have the power to turn any building, mountain, or island into a flat place, and intends to do the same with the rest of the world.

What is the reason? I don’t know, maybe he’s an earth person or doesn’t like mountains. Before the hooded man is out of reach, you follow him through a portal created by the crystal.

Now you have to get the crystals back before the shadows of the hooded earthman catch them.

Let’s climb and duel, but mostly climb

Super hiking league DX

Super Hiking League DX is the updated version of the Super Hiking League, which was mainly released in February 2020. What are the changes from the original? Additional stages, new color palettes for the trackers, new rope controls, more balanced AI on the easy level of difficulty and the easy level of difficulty itself.

The game is very simple, you have to climb the mountain before your opponent does. That’s all. For this you have to use your skills, of course, whether jumping, attacking monsters (or dropping your opponent) and of course the biggest attraction of the game, the rope, which works with physics similar to bungee jump.

There are points where you can play the rope and then get a boost depending on the type of rope control, with Automatic the game makes the boosts automatic, Mixed is a mix of Automatic and Advanced, and in Advanced you can choose when to to release the rope. This is important in order to get as much boost as possible, especially in the later stages of the game.

It seems a little tricky to explain in words, but if you play you will understand exactly what I mean.

At first glance, the game screen may seem a little tricky because regardless of whether you are playing with one or two players, the screen will be shared with your point of view and that of your opponent.

The game works simple but is addicting and the rapid pace makes it ideal for speed runs and matches with friends. However, the progressive difficulty of the game can generate a lot of curses, either with a jump or a wrong rope, or if the opponent’s son of a bitch hits you when you want to make that jump.

But at the same time the question of difficulty is subjective, because there are some later mountains that are easier than the ones before … Or maybe it’s just me after a difficult phase because I have improved my reflexes. I prefer to think of the first alternative.

In some mountains there are a lot of little things that make them more difficult like water environments, ropes for hanging, elevators, rope points that recharge after a few uses.

However, not everything is perfect. First, we have Versus and Race modes which are basically the same, and that’s not just me talking about. And more importantly, at least on the PS4 version (if that just happens to me, I don’t know), the game just crashes after finishing a mountain in the Time Trial.

And back to the positive, the game has the greatest national hero, the icon of the Brazilian games and the entertainment legend as unlockable … Czech, with his skateboard straight from the Czech Skatemasta. This isn’t the first Czech cameo in a QUByte game as there is also a cameo in Savage Halloween (cool game you should play), and as you know these cameos mean only one thing …

Confirmed in Czech on AEW. No wait. Third Czech game released by QUByte confirmed. You heard it here first. Do not tell anyone.

And besides the main character and Czech, there are other characters, including a character very similar to the protagonist of Super Pitfall (whom the creators of the Super Hiking League romhacked), but they can only be used in Versus / Race and Team modes will . 1

I want to buy the composer bread with bologna

The graphics part of Super Hiking League DX is quite knowledgeable, with nice NES-style sprites and very colorful. The same applies to the scenes, colorful and with different effects. But the biggest highlight of the game’s art department is the game’s soundtrack.

The game’s chiptune songs are chewing gum-like songs that stick in your head. As I once commented on the stream, the biggest compliment I can give a composer is: “I want to buy him a loaf of Bologna.”

Reach the top and get yours now

Super Hiking League DX can be frustrating halfway through, but nonetheless, it’s a game made for fun (especially when compared) and the console would be a surefire recommendation if it weren’t for the time trial crash. Otherwise, you can buy without fear.

The game is available for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One and this review was made with a copy kindly provided by QUByte.


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