Has it ever happened to you that you happen to write something and something like that happens in the end?

Recently (not so recently, but anyway) I noticed in my review of Sables Grimoire that it was a shame not to have a route with Eris the succubus teacher. In August the update 1.08 (in the PC version) came out, which added a route with Eris. We don’t know when this update will hit consoles, but hopefully soon I want an excuse to go back there.

But it wasn’t the first time I wrote something that came true. Between 2010 and 2011 I wrote a series of five articles, sequels on retro franchises that I would like to have, each article had three games and some kind of formulas that I would like to use to do the same thing.

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From these articles, Streets of Rage, Wonder Boy, Donkey Kong Country, Shinobi, Strider, and Alex Kidd somehow came true.

Anyway, today’s game is part of the nostalgic series of visual novels I played when my channel focused on it. While I didn’t make a video of it (because the version I had was the adult version) it was one of the ones I played. The game is also blacklisted from Twitch games that aren’t even approved for all ages.

Because Twitch is really a compliant place where a sexless game like Sakura Beach is banned, but sex games like GTA V, The Last of Us 2 and The Witcher 3 are fine.

But without further ado, let’s get to the Sakura Swim Club Review.

Finding something that interests you while swimming

Before we comment on the game’s script, a disclaimer is that the game fell victim to one of Steam’s random policies regarding games with adult content.

Because originally the game is set in high school, but Steam has started threatening any anime-themed game with ecchi (or hentai) content that is set in a school. To get around this, a patch was released that replaced all references about the school from the university.

As a result, many of the game’s dialogues lost some of their meaning and the writing sometimes left a bit stupid. However, for all intents and purposes, I will refer to the game’s script as it is, rather than “university”. Do me a favor, see Steam.

You take on the role of Kaede, the son of a famous man, but your relationship with the family is not the best. Not for lack of love do you know that your father and mother love you, but there is the fact that everyone in your family is successful in some way and with all of your family’s success, expectations of you are high at which point you just don’t want it.

You only do the bare minimums to get through the year of school, and your father keeps putting you in school in search of something that will ignite the spark of success in you.

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In this new school you are prepared for another phase of apathy, only one of your teachers (certainly influenced by your father) forces you to join a club, any club except the swimming club, because it does not have a good reputation for any reason to have.

Of course, like everyone in the situation where you are told not to do something, you go out and do it, go to the swimming club and meet the only two people there: Hiromi, the quiet girl who, in spite of everything, always keeps her cool, and Mieko, which is kind of the opposite, is a bit nervous and blown away.

And between the hustle and bustle and slips, his swimming club life begins, which gives his school life a meaning. As you improve as a swimmer, you will get to know your clubmates and some of their problems better.

Sakura Swim Club brings the typical comedy narrative with a touch of ecchi that is already familiar to anyone who plays Winged Cloud’s visual novels. It’s not something great, epic or fantastic, it’s a simple and fun school story. Of course the story has a bit of drama, like the personal problems the characters (and the protagonist himself) face, leaving everything but “just comedy and hey”.

The characters are basic visual novel archetypes, with Hiromi being the “cool” girl, always calm and focused, while Mieko is the typical Tsundere (but she doesn’t attack anyone as is common in the tropics). Our protagonist Kaede is the boy with a successful father who feels suffocated by the family’s expectations.

Wanaca Strikes Again, oh the music is cool and the game has voice acting

Sakura swimming club

I can’t get enough of Wanaca’s personality trait. I don’t know, but they have a unique charm.

The girls are obviously curvy and attractive. The scenarios used are proficient, although there’s one thing that … College setting in visual novel, it’s not hard to get decent. But on the flip side, the variety of high school scenarios I’ve seen … But I’ve gotten off topic.

The game’s CGs (I’m referring to the console version here) are far less provocative than those of Sakura Succubus for example, still selling the product “attractive girl teasing” of course, but given the Succubus novel mentioned above, it’s for something every family .

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The game has high quality compositions, songs that do their job well at the time, but what attracts attention is the fact that the game is dubbed in Japanese.

It’s one of the few Winged Cloud titles with voice-overs, along with Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Angels, Sakura Nova (which will hopefully be released for consoles, it’s one of my favorite Winged Cloud novels) and Pyrite Heart (with voice-overs) in English) .

The two voice actors are in stark contrast, while Kanzaki Kanari (Hiromi’s voice) is a seasoned seiyuu with over fifteen years of experience (at the time of Sakura Swim Club’s release), while Ogawa Komachi (Mieko’s voice) is a beginning voice actor. with the only other work at the time, another Winged Cloud game, Sakura Fantasy. Nevertheless, the two fulfill their role very well, with the necessary nuances for the personalities of the girls.

Your basic comedy ecchi

Sakura Swim Club is another signature Winged Cloud novel that mixes comedy and ecchi. It’s solid, please, if you want something simple. If you are looking for revolutionary or exciting scripts, unfortunately you will not find them here. But if you like simplicity, comedy, and a little bit of ecchi, play Sakura Swim Club, you will.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Gamuzumi.


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