There are some strange phenomena when it comes to me and video games. Be the fact that I almost always start a series of games with the second title (Sonic, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Double Dragon, Adventure Island.

Whether for some reason skipping books in a series due to their unavailability at the moment (To date I don’t have books 2, 4 and 6 of the Artemis Fowl series just as I skipped the second book by Percy Jackson because I could couldn’t find it in the newsagent where I bought books at Shopping Méier – I later bought this one.)

And look, the same thing happened to Sakura Succubus. I didn’t play the first game, I got a key from the second one, but… I didn’t play the third one. However, recently Sakura Succubus 4 was released for consoles and I had the opportunity to play it. is he worth your time

Check with us in the rating.

Summer is here, t-shirt and flip-flops, I mean vacation with your harem

After a turbulent time in the Succubi Empire, she had returned to the Empire thanks to Yue, the regent there (and our protagonist Hiroki Ogasawara’s first girlfriend, who mysteriously disappeared) and had never told him of her identity a Succubus to the events from Sakura Succubus 3), our hero Hiroki needs a vacation. And thanks to his connections (notably to the resident idol and Tsundere Ayu), he’ll spend a week in a luxurious home on Ayu’s private island.

And of course, his girlfriends include Cosmos (the e-girl), Ayu, Marina Wakatsuki (the businesswoman), Hifumi Yamamoto (the successful actress) and Hazel Williams (the famous tennis player). Yue couldn’t come because of her obligations as ruler of the Succubi Empire.

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For a week, Hiroki has the chance to teach Cosmos to swim, play sports with Hazel, and more from pillow fights to dares. In the process, Hiroki gets to know his companions better.

Although it doesn’t have the same impact as the second game in terms of script, Sakura Succubus 4’s storyline is cohesive and shows a different side of the characters.

Yue, for example, who has proven to have a poor sense of direction as the ruler of a kingdom, Marina, who despite appearing mature and a little sadistic, is afraid of ghosts, and Hiroki himself, who is stupid and pays attention to everyone except Ayu , who finally admitted the feelings she was hiding (very bad, by the way).

Choices only matter for trophies

Sakura succubus 4

Again, I’ve written enough about visual novels for you to know how they work. That said, just like in Sakura Succubus 2, the choices you make don’t affect the ending, but they can result in CGs and be related to the game’s trophies.

Obviously, since we’re talking about visual novels on consoles, the adult content has been removed (although there are mentions), but there are times when well… you’re getting pretty close. I don’t know which direction Sakura Succubus will go when there is a fifth title.

Introducing some waifu? A more urban adventure? They are possibilities.

And one thing that always makes me happy when I see it is the way it mentions other games in the Sakura series. Just as there is a reference to Sakura Beach in Sakura Agent (the hero simply accidentally opens a portal to another dimension where the two characters from Sakura Beach are on the other side, on the beach), here we have a mention of Sakura Sadist, a visual novel Yuri. And I’m still waiting for the Sakura series fighting game.

colorful and alive

Sakura succubus 4

Sakura Succubus 4’s sprites and CGs are very well done, and again the work of Spaniard Wanaca.

Anyone familiar with the workings of Winged Cloud will recognize the familiar feature. Here the characters have at least one clothing option related to the beach theme, they’re pleasing to look at and by the way, I know harem protagonists should treat their waifus as equals, but I can’t.

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Marina is absolute top class, please step on me, sit on my face and do unchristian things at night. Yes, Marina exudes sex appeal AT THAT POINT.

The game’s backgrounds are well done and fit well with the sprites, keeping the look nice and harmonious (something not often found in many western visual novels).

The game’s soundtrack is equally appealing, giving a tone that the world really exists and isn’t just a fiction. Mind you, these aren’t melodies that get stuck in your head, but they are good songs that fulfill the role of accompaniment.

Only buy if you have played the previous ones

Sakura succubus 4

This is an obvious but safe conclusion. If you’ve played the previous games in the series, Sakura Succubus 4 is a must-try, but people who haven’t played the previous games or aren’t interested in visual novels would hardly see the point (or appeal) of playing the fourth game in a row.

Sakura Succubus 4 is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in addition to the original PC version.

This analysis was performed using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Gamuzumi.


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