The products are due to arrive in the country in early November and are divided into two subcategories: console and computer accessories;

The Rcell Group, the country’s largest private provider of smartphones, games and information technology, has just signed a partnership with the Dutch company Trust, a global and affordable digital accessories brand that offers a wide range of more than 800 products.

Rcell will be involved in the distribution of Trust’s line of gaming, which is divided into two sub-categories: console accessories and a line of computer accessories including: mice, keyboards, headsets and microphones. The products are expected to arrive from the Netherlands for immediate retail distribution in early November.

According to Rafael Gómez, National Sales Director at Trust, Rcell will initially take 10% of sales in Brazil as this is the first partnership between the companies. Rcell will be the brand’s fifth distributor in the country.

“We are very committed because we trust the work of Rcell a lot and help each other with the processes so that we can create a sales culture in this gaming niche in Brazil. We will first map the resale profile, map the work and measure which products are fully sold in advance, ”he estimates.

The national trust manager analyzes that the strategy still consists of reaching other players in the market together with Rcell, but that the gamer audience can already arouse good expectations of the products, especially streaming microphones.

“We’re pioneers in streaming microphones and we’re very focused on the social games market, which not only includes who is playing, but all of the components, e.g. We have more than 15 microphones in our portfolio and hope that the accessories category for consoles, for example, can be expanded. If gamers could wait, I would say that they are betting exactly on our category, ”he analyzes.

Rafael Gómez also explains that Trust excels at headsets and that this first distribution will be the first step in cementing the partnership with Rcell that will see strong growth for the gaming line in Brazil.

For Alexandre Della Volpe Elias, Marketing Director of Grupo Rcell, the growth expectation of this partnership in 2022 is 50%.

“With a customer base of more than 28,000 points of sale and coverage across the country, we expect 50% growth in sales of Trust products from next year. Since the focus is initially on the gamer audience, we will evaluate many criteria for consoles, such as: , rated Alexandre.

Finally, the Marketing Director of Grupo Rcell, Alexandre Della Volpe Elias, estimates that there is still a great shortage of accessories for new generation consoles in Brazil and that the products sold to the end user are of high quality, with a Three year warranty and will still have affordable prices.


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