It’s been a while since I’ve written about movies and one of the reasons is time. Or play games with my son or watch movies or anything else childish. Today I got to see Venom again, which I didn’t even like that much, but it was more fun than the first time.

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Since I plan to see the sequel, I decided it would be interesting to talk a little about my impressions of the Lethal Protector. Of course that’s my opinion, so please agree with her.

It’s funny to think that I was once a heavy critic of these adaptations, but I’ve stopped falling into those exaggerated expectations. I think this film is one of those that taught me to ignore the issues and focus on what it has to offer.

That’s it!


Venom’s protagonist is our dear Eddie Brock, a wild villain in the Spider universe. And luckily, it’s Tom Hardy who plays him who, like a good actor, understands that the script isn’t a big deal, so his charisma carries the whole film.

That’s right, the script is pretty weak and doesn’t even try to add depth to the villain’s villain or any other relationship Eddie has. The actors seem to notice this and the audience immediately steps in, which makes the film lighter and less somber.

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Everything goes fast and the plot until the end is very interesting despite the boring beginning. There is no fight except that Brocks lives and brings down the Life Foundation.


In the Fundação Vida Brock is contaminated by Venom and finally the film begins, with the protagonist reacting exaggerated and very funny because of the symbiote while he is being hunted. I can’t help but point out that the film comes up with some goofy jokes in this regard to give it that casual look.

Despite this serious, adult film, Frowning, Venom is a children’s film for ages 12 and up.

The closest thing to violence I noticed was the motorcycle accident in which Brock’s leg is crooked and no people are torn in half or literally devoured in front of the camera.

Oh if I want to see this Of course, but I knew what to find here. I just thought they could have been braver and still contained the level of violence. However, looking at the movie and the rumors TODAY I understand the reason for choosing a lighter script that focuses on younger audiences.

IT HAS TO BE A villain

But it only became a reason to take on another symbiote against Venom. Riot is physically stronger than the deadly protector, this becomes very evident in the first match and as Venom emphasizes that he is making some impressive moves.

It’s a character who really belongs in the anti-hero universe, but it doesn’t work very well here. The motivation is undoubtedly interesting, but you understand that it could be a lot better if more work was done on the character of Riot, everything goes very quickly. You could have threaded the other symbiotes from the villain’s group BUT I know I’m bored, but I promise to redeem myself by the end of this text.

Either way, that’s reason enough to get the two of them to trade big puns in CGI, which is so damn cool. It is the climax of the film and quickly unfolds into the final fight that ends very mediocre. If he threw a grenade or anything else, the movie would end a lot faster.

Hey we watch comic-based movies to see digital asses, so who cares?


I’m not being unfair, the Venom design is one of the coolest things I’ve seen including the symbiote’s personality.

Oh, but…. Ain’t cool. There is no spider here, you don’t have to stick to the pattern we know from the spider uniform. It could be any shape, but who cares, it looks so damn cool.

The effects are not good, but it works very well. The motorcycle thing where he puts it down and it slides on his own body and then we’re taken to that first appearance of the GIF. It was worth the movie, at least for me.

It may not and may not be the best comic-based work, but it provides quick entertainment. There are lots of good scenes, there is humor, and lots of dolls and shirts must have been sold.

He’s got enough to win a sequel. Is that supposed to be worth something? No, a lot of junk films do the same thing, but this one won me over.



The film is very funny, simple, straightforward and without a lot of fuss, as a good first film should be. It’s not like Sam Raimi’s terrible Venom in Spider’s third feature film.

Overall, the cast of the film only played Tom Hardy (watch Bronson with him, seriously). So the others don’t have any major highlights, they are just the backdrop for the dialogues and actions between the symbiote and Eddie.

This one goes a little further, without a lot of frills or trying to bring the reasons for this or that to a fancy solution. It’s all because yes and go ahead to grind the crowd.

I’m looking forward to the second film with Carnificina because I think I’ll have as much fun as this one. It’s a fun movie and it’s worth simply turning your brain off to watch it, so I recommend it.


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