The internet has been an increasingly divisive and aggressive place for the last, maybe ten years.

If earlier when you said you like X people were split between “okay cool” and “who cares?”, today when you say you like X automatically comes a horde accusing you of Y to hate, even if you like to mention it or Y, they will accuse you of it.

Over the years, people have become increasingly aggressive for increasingly bizarre reasons, to the point where longtime friends have struggled to have differing views.

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From time to time, both in Brazil and abroad, I see many people use the phrase “anime avatar” in a condescending tone, belittling what the other side of the discussion is saying, and this happens especially among people who did the verified sign on twitter.

But this is one of the most cowardly and unscrupulous ways to avoid a fight or even to admit a mistake.

Yes, a lot of people with anime avatars talk shit every day, but we’re on the fucking internet, people talk twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, this one even talks to you. No, I am not an advocate of truth or an example of virtue. I’m just an ordinary overweight guy who talks bullshit and has an average talent for doing some things. But I never claimed to be those things (maybe the average weight or talent, but whatever.).

I chatted on Twitter and online forums and even ended up in the police station in high school. I’ve made mistakes I wish I hadn’t made, I’ve lost (for a while) friendships I didn’t want to lose, and I’ve missed opportunities, missed opportunities I regret to have.

Basically, I’m a flawed human being, like everyone else here. If I stretched to talk about myself? It’s a little, but the fact is that “anime avatar” cannot be used as an argument to debunk a contrary opinion.

“The person just couldn’t use the anime avatar but the real photo, right?”

Possibly, but at the same time justified in not using the real photo for a variety of reasons.

There’s little real privacy on the internet these days, if we’re being honest. The big companies in the tech industry have your data in one way or another, be it because you have a phone, post relevant data on social networks, apps, etc. and they sell your data to serve personalized ads to you.

Many people prefer not to reveal real life online because things like harassment and doxing (searching for and posting personal information about someone’s life, usually with malicious intent) are common and commonly used. It’s not uncommon for many people to hide behind a pseudonym, not to remain anonymous, but because there will always be a fool who will use the person’s real details to contact work or family with malicious intent (as is often the case have you seen people lose jobs because of twitter gooseberries?).

I keep my real first and last name online because firstly I don’t have a job and my online life is separate from my personal life and secondly because that’s how I sign my books.

Anime/Game/Whatever she likes

Anime avatar

Real life is a tiring station, especially after the onset of the pandemic that has been sweeping the world since early last year.

Who here hasn’t lost a family member, acquaintance or friend because of COVID? With all this stress from reality we all need an escape be it anime, games, v-tubers, stream, whatever. (That’s one of the reasons I avoid talking about anime being analogies to politics, real life shit isn’t enough anymore, now you want to associate that shit with my escapism?

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Often this escapism presents us with characters that we identify with, I myself identify with v-tuber Minato Aqua because she has LOTS of anxiety issues and talking to strangers.

Finally, to demonstrate this identification with someone we admire, we used something in a social network avatar. It’s something simple, you like it, identify with it and want to show your friends that you like something.

I made this drawing / I commissioned this art

This is one of the things I’ve used myself. I know (I know the language, not the name) a handful of artists. And most end up using their own art as the avatar (I can cite the example of SanoBR using the Chun-Li he designed in the avatar).

Does this mean that just because their avatar is from “anime” these artists’ arguments would be invalid? That seems too lazy to argue with me.

On my own YouTube channel I use a commissioned artwork of my character in F1 2019 and for the Twitch, Discord and Facebook avatar I use a sprite I edited in GIMP.

Again, are you going to ignore anything someone says just because of their profile picture? It’s like walking in and saying, “Anyone with a verified Twitter profile is an asshole.”

It makes no sense.

Conclusion: Don’t be an arrogant idiot

I know it seems kind of obvious, but what I mean is that having an idea the opposite of yours isn’t a relatively bad thing, and disqualifying it based on the person’s avatar is something that sounds extremely arrogant.

If we all thought the same way, I don’t even want to think about what kind of reality it would be, but it would certainly be something much darker than our current world.

The idea for this article was inspired by an article of a similar name written by Pete Davison for the Moe Gamer website, but all of the reasoning presented here is mine.


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