I will start this text with a question that is both relevant and not relevant to today’s game: Can something that happened four years ago be overlooked as nostalgia? Or does nostalgia only apply to things when we were little? The question remains.

The reason is because I played a lot of visual novels on my YouTube channel for a while, or maybe there weren’t that many, and the reason is because I made so many 15 minute videos that it felt like a lot felt. Anyway, among those novels there was one from 2015 called High School Romance by Dharker Studio. Time passed and now, in 2021, the game has been released for consoles thanks to Gamuzumi. Is it worth your time

Is everything going for studies?

Shoji is a student who, due to his parents’ work, never spends much time in school and is always transferred from one place to another. Everything changes when his mother enrolls him in the school she studied at when she was young. The boy, in his senior year of high school, was finally going to take a break, right?

To the right?

FALSE, because the school his mother enrolled him in is an all-girls school, and to throw salt in the wound, his mother had filled out the enrollment form that he was a girl. When his mother went to this high school it was of course a unisex high school, the move to high school for girls is relatively new, but that doesn’t justify the boy’s mother’s incompetence in filling out a damn form.

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Fortunately (is that really?) The headmaster is sorry for Shoji’s situation and leaves him there for his school year on one condition: he has to dress up as a woman. Obviously, since Shoji looks androgynous it wouldn’t be hard work, but would he overcome the insecurity of dressing up as a woman, beyond his own hormones?

everything is going too fast

As for the routes, High School has Romance 3 and it’s not that hard to make, the choices are obvious and unless you want a bad ending on purpose (what for? There’s not even a trophy for), stick with it simply there. Your choices and that’s it, the ending and the trophies associated with it.

However, the narrative of the game is the weak point as things happen in the game so quickly. It’s not that it’s a short story (remember your analysis of Dating Life: Miley vs. Emily? 95% of the novel takes place in one night and the game gives you time to pick up the details) but the pace of the History is quick, step by step, it is here, then there and there and there and there. For example, if each route were half an hour longer, we might have a better chance of seeing the characters better and situations would seem less hectic.

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The characters are basic archetypes, Hoshi is the model student who is the class representative and who ends up placing a lot of responsibility on her. So when she lets go, she exaggerates a little.

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Selina is the typical happy and cheerful girl, but in the end she competes with almost everything. And Lea is the teacher students may end up falling in love with, but the truth is that since she is also the headmistress, dealing with her colleagues is superficial because she is hierarchically superior to them (and that’s why for that.) She decided to also be the teacher and trainer of the running team to be closer to the students.).

Shoji is the standard visual novels protagonist, unsure of having to dress up as a woman and undecided about his decisions throughout the year.

Pleasant to the eye, but strange at first glance

High school romance

The game graphics by Mexican Enrique Bolatre may seem strange at first, as they seem to be somewhere between manga style and cartoon style, but after a while you get used to it and work on the ma … in Lea’s attributes it was fabulous. For such a teacher, I would disguise myself as a woman without thinking twice.

It’s a shame that we don’t have more CGs in the game (that has to do with the commission costs), because some of the game scenes (especially on Lea’s route) would be fine … Anyway. The game scenarios, some of them certainly from free sources, as I have seen them in other games.

The game’s soundtrack is just an addition, nothing very flashy, but it doesn’t get in the way, it does its role of completing the narrative.

I recommend … For a promotion.

High school romance

The truth is if I were only referring to the PC version I could recommend it as a good one as the price isn’t that high but the PS4 and Switch versions … the value hurts a little more in the budget in the end , too less here for us Brazilians.

High School Romance is a student romantic comedy and it tries to be no more. In addition, the game shows that it was one of the first to come up with Dharker Studio when they were still trying to find their own style. The game has a spiritual sequel (High School Romance: Magi Trial) that is weaker.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided to us by Gamuzumi.


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