In my Gleylancer text, I talked about new editions. And the remaster (another) of the PS2 GTA trilogy is about to be released. And boy, oh boy, was rock star an ass. Charge 300 Reais for 3 games over 15 years. AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DEFEND because the originals sold well. 300 reais for a bum shader in the old game. Do me a favour. What does this have to do with today’s game? Nothing.

Since it has nothing to do with the fact that I should have written this review sooner, I was busy with Brazilians Against Time for part of the month. And no, it had nothing to do with playing Genshin Impact again. No sir. Nevertheless…

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I love Sagittarius. This comes from Nintendinho (in my case Turbo Game), where I used to hate Magic Carpet 1001 (a cheeky bootleg that came with the console) and Tiger Heli, besides having a lot of fun with Dragon Spirit. Time goes by and in the end, thanks to the PS2 shooters and Mame’s wonders, I am at least immersed in the genre as an adult.

Even if the genre is no longer represented as it used to be, there are still developers who rely on shooters, because the audience is still loyal despite the niche. And at the beginning of this month “Hell Blasters” were added to the PC, which you can check out in the test.

Let’s end the war … use force

You are in the role of Winter (or Summer), two young men who join the Hell Blasters, a team of well-trained mercenaries who want to end the war even if they have to blow up more buildings and enemies than one Michael Bay movie …

Or, you can experience these adventures in a fun way by playing the Arcade of Hell Blasters, where the events of the story mode in an arcade game are nothing but fiction.

The Hell Blasters story is just an excuse for you to blow things up, so I’m not going to be too tough with the game.

Simple and effective, even journalists can play


Hell Blasters has two main game modes, the arcade mode in which we play through 5 stages or the story mode in which these five stages are interspersed with tutorials that teach the mechanics and details of the game and are divided into 36 parts. We also know more about the Hell Blasters fight and their mission in cutscenes.

My first recommendation to anyone who plays Hell Blasters is to start with Story Mode because not only will the game teach you everything you need to survive Hell of Blasters, and the levels won’t get that big look. However, if you play arcade mode first, be prepared because the stages are long …

Very long…


You have four action buttons, normal shooting, which can be focused by holding the button, but this slows down the ship, the bomb button which guarantees a moment of invincibility and clears the screen (if you take damage / lose lives, the Game drops a bomb before damage is calculated, so it’s best to save the bombs to use as extra hit points).

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There’s a professional auto-fire button, great for those who don’t like pounding in shooters, and a dedicated attack button that uses an energy bar that can destroy the pink shots. This bar recharges on its own and the special attack is very useful for getting out of trouble.

Thanks to the modern shooter convention brought about by the spherical hells in the second half of the 90s, your character’s hitbox is not tied to the entire ship, but only to the cockpit, which allows evasive maneuvers in more extreme situations (useful especially in higher ones Trouble).

The game is very beginner-friendly and goes one point above the difficulty level “Easy”, we have the difficulty level “Journalist”, which alone is worth buying the game. And if you know your way around the art of Bullet Hell, you won’t be disappointed with the higher difficulties. Finally, if you’re a nervous purist, the game has video modes to make you feel like you’re in an arcade, including Tate.

Don’t let 8-bit graphics fool you


If you just look at the screenshots of the game, you might think that Hell Blasters is from the NES or PC engine because graphically it’s pretty straightforward. The design of the ships wouldn’t look out of place in a game from the 80s, as would the scenarios, which are just as simple. After all, it’s somehow harmonious.

The cutscenes made in Pixelart are charming and count some points, and the game went to infinity and beyond by including cutscenes as we have different endings in Arcade mode depending on the character being played and the difficulty level chosen.

The game’s soundtrack is well composed and lively and helps keep the game’s atmosphere alive. It doesn’t have any catchy themes like Gleylancer, but it’s a pretty competent score.

It would be worth it for the journalist alone

Just because the game has the Journalist difficulty level, I would recommend Hell Blasters, but the price tag is a bit high for a simple (albeit competent) shooter. It’s fun and well done, but you might want to wait for a promotion.

It’s not as ridiculously expensive as the shooters usually released on PS4, but amid the economic downturn in our banana republiqueta, any real saved can be reused in other games.

Hell Blasters is available for PC and this review was made using a PC digital copy kindly provided by Playshift Games.


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