Of the strangest things in life, it’s important to note how much our tastes change over the years. I myself have liked and disliked many things during these 11680 days (just do the math there).

I would say taste is something that changes a lot from person to person. As a child you avoid eating certain things because they taste “bad”. By the way, that was just bread and meat.

But little by little I got the taste and added ketchup and mustard, the idea of ​​adding salad didn’t seem so bad anymore and of course my filter with food is much more open these days than it was in my childhood, but still there are things I still don’t like like the damn okra!

give another chance

That’s all to say that video games somehow correlate with food, I especially didn’t like playing survival horror games (more on the shit) but that changed after the Resident Evil 2 remake, which really changed me too Appreciated style and gave me an experience that no other game I have ever played could offer.

The desperation of always battling the ammunition shortage and making decisions about whether or not to kill the monsters just to save resources really grabbed my eggs until the end and gave us catharsis for going through this.

With this newly acquired taste I realized that it only takes one game to deliver a very good experience and this opens up a new world of possibilities that ultimately forces me to look for more games with that experience, or even things one To give a chance completely outside of my comfort zone.

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Of course, there are many types of games that I still haven’t found the perfect combination to suit my taste buds, like life’s roguelikes. I’ve played a couple of games in this style like Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, Enter the Gungeon, Crypt of the Necrodancer, none of which gave me satisfaction or the impulse to keep playing or even get to the end.

If I compared it to food, I would say that roguelike would be the okra of video games for my person, who of course doesn’t like it. To date, I haven’t found an appetizing dish that I like, but I’d say Hades is a type of okra that I was able to enjoy.

Perfect combination?


Hades is the latest game from Supergiant Games Studios (Bation, Transistor and Pyre), which was first published as Early Access in the Epic Games Store in 2018 and will be released in 2020/21 with a final version for the other platforms.

I remember being very excited when they announced this title. I always found the graphics of this studio’s games to be really nice, but I only played the first of them, Bastion, which was very important in this hack’n slash style, with isometric view, character development and so on.

What also caught my eye was the fact that it is based on Greek mythology, and as a person who likes it a lot, having watched Disney’s Hercules for many years and read Rick Riordan’s books, I got the game right away Purchased from the show on PlayStation 4.

The only thing that left me a little on the track that is different from all of the other studio produced games is that it had the okra part.

Okra and Roguelike


And what is an okra aka roguelike? They are random progression games where you have to go through x areas, choose paths and collect resources that will make you stronger (or not) by the time you complete them. But the most terrifying element in the roguelike part is the fatality that no matter where you are, when you die you will lose practically everything you have accumulated over the course of the game and all of your progress will be returned to the beginning.

And I understand that the fun of a roguelike is repeating and learning to choose the right improvements to move forward and take risks, but it was never something that got me to the end of every game I did have stopped moving on example. And this studio managed to combine that mechanic with the narrative of the game that justifies this repetition.

There is no escape


The story of Hades is very curious because the Supergiant guys took a character that is never mentioned in pop culture in relation to Greek mythology, named Zagreu, with a slightly different origin than the original.

Here the protagonist is the son of the lord of the underworld, Hades, who in turn is revered and feared as the great ruler of Hell, but is not a good father, like every rebel in his heyday, Zagreu decides to run away from home, which is not easy because no one has ever escaped from hell and his father does everything in his power to prevent him from escaping.

Areas and collectibles

The game primarily follows this premise, you take your infernal weapon, at the beginning only one is available, that is the Stygius, the sword of the underworld, but over time you can unlock 5 more weapons each with its quick and special attacks , and they will help you go through Hell and traverse its various environments, starting with Tartarus and up to Asphodelus, Elysium and finally to the Temple of Styx, culminating in a final clash with the god of the dead himself.

And as you progress, you will collect resources of all kinds, the most important being the blessings of the gods of Olympus, who eventually discovered that they had an unknown relative trying to escape to the surface and decided to equip you with various skills to support, and the way it works is that every time you find a blessing from a god, you choose one of three improvements that are always random.

The choices are very diverse. In one of the matches, as you progress between rooms, you can find a blessing from Dionysus and his enhancements come with intoxication and healing, so you may have the option to assign one of his attacks to add poison to enemies or activate each Time you dodge, an area poisoning, or even passive abilities like a higher percentage of healing every time you consume a consumable.

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In another room you will find the blessing of the goddess Artemis, who focuses on critical damage, and in the other, even Zeus with her lightning blessing. So you build this Frankenstein with skills that improve one another and learn which ones get you better together.

There are coins in the game too, one of which is the treasures you earn between the arenas that you can only spend on sources that sell limited items and also on Charon who not only brings souls to Hell, but also one Seller sludge makes from time to time.

Not only will you find blessings from the gods there, but also centaur hearts that you can use to increase your HP limit, or pomegranates that will increase the level of your blessings and make them stronger, and even healing items. These things can usually be found in regular rooms as well, but entering a room with Charon can skip a ton of enemies if you have easy money.

There is also a currency in Hades called Darkness that you can win during the games and that comes with permanent benefits for Zagreu. There is a mirror in your character’s room that you received from your stepmother Nix, in which you can spend this coin.

There you can buy things like, increase the number of projectiles you can fire, get another chance after a fatal blow, whatever makes your next mishap easier.

The big family

But what if you die? Well, this type of game naturally forces you to come back from the beginning, in which case you go back to Hades’ house where most of the narration takes place, there you learn more about the chthonic gods and beings. where Hypnos greets you every time he dies and mentions how you died, he watches his father work while he listens and declines the plea of ​​thousands of souls that pass by him where he chats with Achilles while having one guarding the hallways of the house, listens to a song or two by Orpheus when he feels inspired.

You know, I’ve always seen the gods of Greek mythology as this big, close-knit and also very eccentric family, and the game shows that very well, a lot of conflicting emotions, characters you meet in Hades’ house, they’re very charismatic and everyone with their disputes between them.

Megaira, one of the Furia sisters and the head of the first environment, you can tell from the interactions between the two that there was already a relationship that didn’t end very well, and she takes some of this into her work to keep you from going next biome but there is still some respect between the characters, even Zagreu, as much as he doesn’t like his father and how he treats him, they talk and are still purposely irritated and after that everything he still does , is not blessed by speaking “In the name of Hades”.

increasing ties

Hades also has a “Persona” element that allows you to increase affinity with characters by giving them nectar / ambrosia after each character. One more thing to make it easier for you to get away.

Attention to detail

I would say that Hades’s greatest merit is the amount of things …


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