Ghostrunner is a game about being stylish. Like other games like Mirror Edge, the game is in first person, but we don’t use ranged weapons.

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Our protagonist ninja aims to slash enemies as quickly as possible while avoiding enemies that could kill him with a single attack.

playing style

Ghostrunner flows very fast. Running, jumping, dodging, and attacking are fast-paced and will test the player’s reflexes at all times.

The protagonist has very advanced moves that the game demands more and more skillfully over time.

In a certain part at the very beginning it is necessary to run between two opposite walls, jump to a higher point, kill an enemy and flee to the side so as not to die for another one that is further ahead.

Since enemy attacks will easily kill you, there is a checkpoint system that activates every short sector of the game. These save the load instantly, so the player never expects a black loading screen between attempts to get past the spots where they got stuck.


The game takes place in a very cyberpunk environment, with a lot of neon lights on buildings and signs, in addition to smoke coming out of the vents, which is present throughout the scenario. I’ll admit I’m a little tired of this visual style, but here it suits the game perfectly.

The story is also basically just told without disrupting the pace of gameplay, which is a very positive point since this game could easily fall into the trap of interrupting the rampant action with out of tune cutscenes.

ghost walker

There’s also a weird upgrade system where you can change your skills. They are in the form of blocks, similar to those in TETRIS, and the player has to place them in the best possible way in the limited space.

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This system feels like it was created just to be different, as it represents nothing in terms of narrative, nor does it feel any more beneficial than a more linear skill development. It exists, but it could easily be more normal.


ghost walker

Ghostrunner offers unbridled action that works perfectly, at least if you’re using a keyboard and mouse.

Even with a game loop where the player is constantly dying, the game always leaves you wanting to keep trying until you get past the difficult parts.

However, the six to eight hour duration seems a bit too much for a game with often repetitive but fun mechanics.


This analysis was performed using a copy of the game provided by the distributor.


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