Video games are a fascinating art form, aren’t they? They are able to give us different emotions and sensations, such as frustration with a difficult boss, the satisfaction of figuring out how to beat that boss, the euphoria of scoring a crucial goal after 45 minutes in the second half, the Joy at an infectious game, sadness at losing a dear friend after a long journey, and even getting turned on by… well, adult games.

LEIAM – Dude, where’s my beer? | I want goroo

The Belgian studio Warcave is a newcomer, founded in 2017 in the Belgian city of Geel, they had in their portfolio only one game, the RTS War Party, which received a medium response in front of the critics, and that in Black Legend, his second project that himself this time dedicated to role-playing.

Check out our opinion in the review below.

Save the city from the crazy cultists

The game takes place in the seventeenth-century city of Grant, whose architecture is based on that of the Netherlands (The region where Holland and Belgium are located, not the euphemism for Dick), a city shrouded in fog. created by Mephisto, a menacing alchemist.

You are a mercenary and together with your party you must rid the city of the cultists that have ruled it, as the mists of Mephisto drive those who stay in it too long insane. Recruit people, learn the story of the survivors, discover the story of Mephisto and clear the city of the damn fog.

It’s not the most creative screenplay in the world (in fact, similar things appeared in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series), but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. Things here are basic and don’t even come close to the game’s real problems.

A good fight… Spoiled by the rest of the game’s problems.

First, let’s talk about the positive aspect of the gameplay, the combat. The combat itself is very reminiscent of modern XCOM or strategy RPGs to a certain extent. The action takes turns, determined by the character (the player or the enemy) that has the most mobility, and before it starts, the player decides where to place the characters in the party.

Characters have multiple classes and can equip different types of weapons. Not only that, the game has a mood system, which is basically key to winning battles, creating mood combinations to increase damage dealt, or stats that can help you.

With strategy in hand and positioning of your characters, battles are easy to master. And the point here is that not only can you use the mood scheme, you can use the enemies as well. So it’s not uncommon for an enemy to make you bleed for good humor.

Positioning is also important when attacking, especially when using melee weapons (like swords, spears, and axes). Flanking an enemy or attacking from behind is a big help as it does more damage than a melee attack. And just like moods, the enemy can also use this trick.

It’s important to remember that you can play however you want and leave combat deaths permanent or not, it all depends on the experience you want to have.

Black Legend’s combat is nice though… The game’s interface isn’t player-friendly at all, its tutorials are uninterestingly presented and the game doesn’t give the slightest hint on how to actually become strong because the levels don’t mean that much. Or if they do, the tutorials didn’t explain it properly to me.

The game’s camera isn’t good, both in navigation and in combat. Although you have them well under control, you don’t really feel in control.

I said the game’s combat is good, and that’s true, but the pacing of the combat… not so much, the battles seem to go on forever. It has a button that speeds up animations, but it’s still annoying.

Lots of repeats, nothing outstanding

Graphically… It’s a weak game. Yes, I know it’s a small studio, it’s only ten people working on one game for four different systems, but it’s the truth. Customization of his appearance is weak, I’ve seen PlayStation 3 generation games with a more robust character creator than Black Legend.

The city has interesting and well-done architecture (despite the poor graphics), and despite the fog obscuring the graphics, it helps convey Grant’s sense of mystery. However, that doesn’t justify the color palette inherited from Dark Souls, which gives the game a dull and depressing vibe.

Sonically, it doesn’t have any outstanding compositions (at least they don’t offend my ears, I stress that), but the game’s synchronization is very, very poor. I know they don’t have the resources for high-end voice actors, but it seems like they chose the most disinterested people in the world to play the characters in the game.

a tiring journey

I opened this text by talking about the value of video games that make a splash. Black Legend made me tired. For each playthrough to create this review, I felt tired when I finished because the atmosphere of the game left me so much.

The game had potential, but perhaps the studio’s lack of experience combined with the unfriendly user interface undermined the game’s chances of standing out in the genre.

And well, it’s not as disastrous as Storm: The Gods Challenge, but it’s hard to recommend Black Legend, with better and even cheaper alternatives on the PS4 itself. If you read up, you might find something to amuse you, but it’s possible you’ll end up just as frustrated as I am.

Black Legend is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This analysis was based on the PS4 version, with a copy kindly provided by the manufacturer.


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