Two of the things I love to do about games are: walking around in Keymailer to see what the next Steam releases will be, discovering games with absurd names like CARSFUCKINGDRAGONS (and yes, that’s a real one The less you know about it, the better) and start the game series for the second game.

I must have said this about 50 times in my writings here, but it is true. It is something that happens with at least terrifying frequency.

Well, since this post is not about CARSFUCKINGDRAGONS (and no, I don’t intend to talk about CARSFUCKINGDRAGONS on this site. My mind won’t allow it), it will surely be a game that is the second of his Art is series. But well, as I said in the text of the Superwanderliga, this is not just about crazy games that your friend Normie is always angry at, but also about this unknown game that you have never heard of or even overlooked thinking about the purchase.

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Anyway, in 2018, Astronomic Games released the RPG Pegasus-5: Gone Astray on Steam, and at that time I was doing silly things like MY IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION in the store I was working at (the store was actually closed) and the fact PC gaming wasn’t my thing anymore.I was around 3 years old (since I bought the PS3 in 2015), the game passed me by. But now, in September 2021, the sequel to Pegasus-5 has arrived on steam. Entitled Pegasus: Broken Wings, is it worth it? Follow us.

I came to make a delivery and accidentally did the whole damn thing

After the events of Pegasus-5: Gone Astray, Edan and the Pegasus crew arrive on a planet to make a delivery and, to top it off, visit the cousin of two crew members who live there.

Everything seems to be going well until a terrorist attack takes place in their vicinity, triggering a state of siege in which citizens are deprived of more and more individual freedoms throughout history.

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Like it or not, Edan and his friends will eventually get caught up in the conspiracy that affects not only the individual freedoms of people on this planet, but possibly something that could extend across the galaxy with corruption and authoritarianism.

The game’s narrative is split into two views, by Edan himself and by Ethyra, Aleira’s cousin and Elosys, and Ethyra’s point focuses precisely on the civil rights organization she belongs to. The narratives continue until the moment there is no longer any way of separating them.

A Roleplay? A visual novel? Actually a bit of both

Pegasus: Broken Wings

Pegasus: Broken Wings was created in RPG Maker MV, so you’d expect a turn-based RPG (or any other parrot that is motor capable), but no. The game itself is run more or less like a visual novel, regardless of how much control you have over the character.

You follow the narrative and make decisions at key points that continue the story of the game, yet you control where the character is going and where they are going, even if limited by the game’s narrative.

At the beginning of the game you choose the primary and secondary specialties of Edan and Ethyra, which act more or less like stats for action checks. If you have a high charisma, you can avoid conflicts with police officers with lip service and convince people of your point of view, if you have high tech, you can hack certain devices and so on in the four attributes.

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The game has a linear narrative, but there are tons of ways to achieve it. And while it has a beginning, a middle, and an end, there are variations depending on how much truth you want to tell the audience.

There is no battle per se in the game, although we have situations that require it, we in turn have choices that determine the outcome of conflicts. And honestly, while this is kind of weird for someone who wants to see “fight” combat in-game, I was impressed with the way the game’s creator did the action scenes because when I think about it . If I had to tell this story, I would do just that.

After all, the game has a romance system for both Edan and Ethyra, and while it doesn’t work as well as it did in the previous game where you could flirt with the characters, you already have some sort of option here, at least on Edan’s side To choose romance in one of the scenes where you recap the events of the previous game with the exception of Ethyra. And with Ethyra, if she wasn’t chosen as a romantic partner, you can develop a relationship with either of her two peers.

Graphics department … mixed, so to speak.

Pegasus: Broken Wings

The first thing I noticed about Pegasus: Broken Wings were the sprites. Anyone used to RPG Maker games, regardless of version, knows that most games have chibi anime style sprites, so seeing sprites in a different style caught my attention.

And they’re even well-made sprites that are true to their rendering counterpart. In fact, this is one of the changes from the first game. There we could select Edan’s skin color, here it is already defined and the drawn arts of the characters have been replaced by 3D renderings.

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The scenarios, while limited by the scope of the game, are well done (I don’t know if they’re the basis of the RPG Maker MV) and the pre-rendered scenes are even decent considering my dislike of 3D (the excess on Eroge with pre-3D rendered causes this).

The songs are good, add to the sci-fi vibe of the urban space, and I think they’re mostly royalty-free. But they’re just good, none that stick in your head.

Recommended (but, unlike me, play the first first)

Pegasus: Broken Wings

Given the price and length of the game, Pegasus: Broken Wings is a game worth playing. The plot has a very topical tone (questions about individual freedoms) without appearing cheesy and the narrative is neither long nor too short.

The game gives way to a sequel, which can be even larger. But it’s only better used if you’ve played its predecessor, Pegasus-5: Gone Astray.

The game is available for PC through Steam, and this review was made using a digital copy of the PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Astronomic Games.

I was once a staunch critic of the endless videos of lists pervading YouTube, but today I even created a favor as I use it as a foundation to look for some characters in my head, explore a little of those who are My attention was caught back there and without repeating the same characters listing all just to get an easy overview.

And this list here is the second volume from one I started there at the beginning of the website’s life that was even remastered which you can check out here. And see, I can’t complain because this list was a huge hit.

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Two people read it, one up to the title and the other left a link that leads to their sex goods shop. So I couldn’t let another year go by before I made such an exciting new list, so here I am.

Sit back and let’s explore a little more of this universe of video game heroes!

Agent G.

That’s right, I revived a character that almost or no one remembers, the G from The House of the Dead game.

Also known by the nickname Silver Fang, the famous Agent G has been dealing with strange creatures since 1996 when the first game appeared, a fun and very violent rail shooter from Sega Saturn.

To our delight, Agent G remains firm and strong in the franchise to this day, sometimes as a supporting role, sometimes as a protagonist. A calculating figure ready to fulfill the mission assigned to him, even if wounded, at any cost.

Unfortunately, little information is available about him, he prefers to remain anonymous, but that wouldn’t stop me from mentioning this beloved hero.

PS: Not to be confused with our late Gérson de Abreu, the eternal Tupiniquim G agent.


Everyone remembers other famous games where the protagonist is a ninja, right? Well, what about the purple ninja named after famous film director Kurosawa?

Well, the game Ninja Shadow of Darkness brings a character who terrifies the hearts of the most fragile. A ninja with an eternally trapped belly stamped on his face plus the absurd ability to jump wrongly and fall from platforms. Not only that, it also enabled you to descend the firewood into evil.

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However, he never managed to show it off. If one day there was a quality of play of this purple ninja to highlight, it would surely die with the version of the Sega Saturn that would be superior to the version for the competing PlayStation. But EIDOS decided to cancel it … Yes, poor Kurosawa.

Maybe the world doesn’t remember this ninja anymore, but I remember and say: You’re damn cool, Ku… rosawa!

Laura Harris

I couldn’t leave out Laura Harris, the protagonist of Game D, a very little-known game that was forged at the beginning of the 32-bit generation.

Struggling alone with a supernatural illness, Laura “pampered” her father after butchering a crowd at the hospital where he worked on the first game. It was easy? No, what was once a hospital has turned into a spiral of madness full of puzzles to kill.

Someone up there doesn’t like Laura, but she keeps smiling and raising her middle finger in response to the universe.

Big kiss for you, Laura!

PS: Since I couldn’t find a good picture of Laura, I only selected one ad.


Deception III: Dark Delusion introduces us to Reina, a poor girl who was kidnapped with her family and taken to a distant kingdom, where they were sold into slavery and subjected to all kinds of humiliation and violence on arrival. Typical reception in the Middle Ages.

For some reason that cannot be revealed here, she is given the power to create spiritual, demonic, or whatever you want to call traps. This allows you to give your tormentors even bigger change.

Reina deserves to be here because not only does she allow us to slaughter with evil henchmen, but her story also gives us more gas to find new ways to punish the villains even more.

Kiss you, Reina.

Steve Burnside

Not everyone likes Steve from Resident Evil: Code Veronica, maybe because of the short stature, but everyone is sensitized to what happens to them in the middle of the game. Or the end. I don’t remember the order of events, but it still makes him a heroic figure in the franchise.

The guy does some absurd things during the game and it’s hard not to get angry or laugh at his adventures, which gradually enchants us with his stupid teenage vibe.

Steve really deserves to be remembered, not just for helping Claire but also as a character in one of my favorite titles on the Capcom Zombie franchise.

Capcom, please send us a remaster or a remake?


The coolest heroes in games

AKUJI The Heartless was released in 1998 and didn’t have much of an impact, but while it posed some problems, Akuji deserves a mention, that voodoo warrior who was killed with his heart removed in the middle of his wedding day. . Detail: His death was ordered by his brother in search of the throne and perhaps his brother’s wife.

With much hatred in the hole where a heart once lay, he must cross the underworld and encounter the creatures of redemption that will enable him to return to the world of the living and end his traitorous brother.

It’s in the name of the game Akuji O Sem Coração so I’m not even going to say the guy is brutal violence.

Oh, and the game was developed by the folks at Crystal Dinamics who released Soul Reaver a year later, so there are a lot of similarities between the two titles. I recommend.


The coolest heroes in games

Congo’s Caper is a spin-off from Data East’s Joe & Mac franchise, which is great by the way, I found that out when I was researching the game on Wikipedia there.

“Oh, but Wikipedia is not a source … Shut up, there are people who get information from WhatsApp”

Previous: I love Congo, I played the game a lot as a kid and the design and the fact that the protagonist becomes human because he is a monkey is just awesome.

I wanted to bring the Congo with me for the reason that I didn’t want to bring DK and the whole gang that generations still praise. I assume that we have to save these little-remembered heroes of the games and that they may never win a new game again.


Honorable Mention: Jack Wade

The coolest heroes in games

Headhunter is a game I got to know at Dreamcast and it was a good experience with Jack Wade.

Wade is a handsome government bounty hunter whose memory ends up being erased for reasons you should gamble. And he’s the opposite of Solid Snake, who messes it up and wears cool bandages, while Jack has a cologne-bath and crossfit aesthetic without being vulgar but still manages to be a badass. Not at Cobra Solida level. Far from it.

We take to the streets on a motorcycle that must cost two kidneys, while we put down the firewood on bandits and follow in the villain’s footsteps. Always on the couch, like someone who has spent the afternoon by the pool telling stories with sentences: Too early for Friday?

Jack Wade, you deserve an Honorable Mention for the visual investment and charisma just about breaking the bandits.

Hope you enjoyed the list, I love looking through my memory for characters that caught my attention during my childhood. And if you missed a character on the list, comment on it and maybe it won’t show up in the next.

I will start this text with a question that is both relevant and not relevant to today’s game: Can something that happened four years ago be overlooked as nostalgia? Or does nostalgia only apply to things when we were little? The question remains.

The reason is because I played a lot of visual novels on my YouTube channel for a while, or maybe there weren’t that many, and the reason is because I made so many 15 minute videos that it felt like a lot felt. Anyway, among those novels there was one from 2015 called High School Romance by Dharker Studio. Time passed and now, in 2021, the game has been released for consoles thanks to Gamuzumi. Is it worth your time

Is everything going for studies?

Shoji is a student who, due to his parents’ work, never spends much time in school and is always transferred from one place to another. Everything changes when his mother enrolls him in the school she studied at when she was young. The boy, in his senior year of high school, was finally going to take a break, right?

To the right?

FALSE, because the school his mother enrolled him in is an all-girls school, and to throw salt in the wound, his mother had filled out the enrollment form that he was a girl. When his mother went to this high school it was of course a unisex high school, the move to high school for girls is relatively new, but that doesn’t justify the boy’s mother’s incompetence in filling out a damn form.

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Fortunately (is that really?) The headmaster is sorry for Shoji’s situation and leaves him there for his school year on one condition: he has to dress up as a woman. Obviously, since Shoji looks androgynous it wouldn’t be hard work, but would he overcome the insecurity of dressing up as a woman, beyond his own hormones?

everything is going too fast

As for the routes, High School has Romance 3 and it’s not that hard to make, the choices are obvious and unless you want a bad ending on purpose (what for? There’s not even a trophy for), stick with it simply there. Your choices and that’s it, the ending and the trophies associated with it.

However, the narrative of the game is the weak point as things happen in the game so quickly. It’s not that it’s a short story (remember your analysis of Dating Life: Miley vs. Emily? 95% of the novel takes place in one night and the game gives you time to pick up the details) but the pace of the History is quick, step by step, it is here, then there and there and there and there. For example, if each route were half an hour longer, we might have a better chance of seeing the characters better and situations would seem less hectic.

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The characters are basic archetypes, Hoshi is the model student who is the class representative and who ends up placing a lot of responsibility on her. So when she lets go, she exaggerates a little.

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Selina is the typical happy and cheerful girl, but in the end she competes with almost everything. And Lea is the teacher students may end up falling in love with, but the truth is that since she is also the headmistress, dealing with her colleagues is superficial because she is hierarchically superior to them (and that’s why for that.) She decided to also be the teacher and trainer of the running team to be closer to the students.).

Shoji is the standard visual novels protagonist, unsure of having to dress up as a woman and undecided about his decisions throughout the year.

Pleasant to the eye, but strange at first glance

High school romance

The game graphics by Mexican Enrique Bolatre may seem strange at first, as they seem to be somewhere between manga style and cartoon style, but after a while you get used to it and work on the ma … in Lea’s attributes it was fabulous. For such a teacher, I would disguise myself as a woman without thinking twice.

It’s a shame that we don’t have more CGs in the game (that has to do with the commission costs), because some of the game scenes (especially on Lea’s route) would be fine … Anyway. The game scenarios, some of them certainly from free sources, as I have seen them in other games.

The game’s soundtrack is just an addition, nothing very flashy, but it doesn’t get in the way, it does its role of completing the narrative.

I recommend … For a promotion.

High school romance

The truth is if I were only referring to the PC version I could recommend it as a good one as the price isn’t that high but the PS4 and Switch versions … the value hurts a little more in the budget in the end , too less here for us Brazilians.

High School Romance is a student romantic comedy and it tries to be no more. In addition, the game shows that it was one of the first to come up with Dharker Studio when they were still trying to find their own style. The game has a spiritual sequel (High School Romance: Magi Trial) that is weaker.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided to us by Gamuzumi.

To celebrate the month in which the largest game fair in Latin America traditionally takes place, players can watch many attractions, such as interviews with Marvel’s Midnight Suns Creative Director Jake Salomon and Marvel Future Revolution producer Danny Koo broadcasts with influencers Lipão Gamer, MultigirlBR, Ei MINE, Jazzghost, The Darkness, Ana Xisdê and Gabriel Machadinho, presentations by Shota Nakama and Video Game Orchestra, gameplays, raffles and news from Méqui, Marvel, Nintendo, SAGA and YouTube Gaming.

Traditionally, October is the month when the major brands in the industry showcase product launches, personalities and many attractions to thousands of visitors to the Brasil Game Show (BGS), the largest electronic games exhibition in Latin America. To celebrate the time with the fans, BGS is preparing a special program that will be broadcast on its official channels on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok from October 8th to 12th.

The attraction program includes the participation of Danny Koo and Jake Solomon, the producer and creative director of the new games Marvel’s Future Revolution and Marvel’s Midnight Suns; Programs, interviews and games with the influencers Lipão Gamer, Ana Xisdê, MultigirlBR, Ei MINE, Jazzghost, The Darkness and Gabriel Machadinho; and performances by the music producer Shota Nakama and the Video Game Orchestra. The program also includes the gameplay of unreleased games, new boards, raffles, surprise attractions, product unboxings and brand news, such as Méqui, Marvel, Nintendo, SAGA and YouTube Gaming, among others. BGS Digital in October is presented by CarolzinhaSG and Haru.

“The Brazilian players have got used to enjoying days of intense fun in October. Therefore, we will bring together great guests, partners and launches in a digital event that we see as a warm-up event for BGS 2022, which will surely be the biggest and best of all time, and lasts seven days. We will also reveal some news from the next on-site edition of the fair ”, commented Marcelo Tavares, CEO and founder of the Brasil Game Show.


Méqui will be represented at BGS Digital with tables such as the gameplay and challenges of the GeoGuessr geolocation game, in which influencers CarolzinhaSG and Ana Xisdê will have to discover the addresses of iconic Méqui stores in different regions of Brazil and around the world. Throughout the program, other internet celebrities and surprise guests will take part in the activities, which include the drawing of dozens of prizes revealed in Méquis broadcasts, unboxings and specials.


Marvel Moment features interviews with Danny Koo, producer of Marvel Future Revolution, and Jake Solomon, creative director of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new cartoon character RPG due out March 2022. , News and the presentation of the game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


As one of the most important partners of the Brasil Game Show since 2018, Nintendo will present the Nintendo Switch Lite in Brazil as well as news on several of the company’s titles at BGS Digital.


The largest gaming and digital arts school in the country will be 20 years old in October and will celebrate the date with the BGS. Artists Maria Zontes, Murilo Rossi and teacher and content creator Soli Correia will take part in the exclusive setting that will reveal news from BGS FanART SAGA, an unprecedented competition on TikTok.

Youtube games

The well-known Youtubers JazzGhost, MultigirlBR and Ei MINE take part in the Minecraft YouTube Gaming Challenge and accepted the game of simulating the construction of their own booths at BGS with the famous block game. The attraction promises to rock the afternoon of October 11th.

Video game orchestra (VGO) with Shota Nakama

After participating in the Brasil Game Show twice in 2018 and 2019, the music producer fell in love with the Brazilian audience and confirmed his presence at BGS Digital in October. In addition to presentations of hits from the Video Game Orchestra, Nakama speaks about the release of the music album Video Game Orchestra Live in Brazil with classics from the world of games that are available on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer and Bandcamp. The project was fully recorded at the VGO concert during the last personal edition of BGS in 2019.

other attractions

Games News, which is already known to the public at BGS Digital, will have a special edition in October with a presentation by the journalist Lívia Camillo from Portal Terra, who will bring the most important news about the games market. In addition, the public can watch CarolzinhaSG interview SBT Games streamer Gabriel Machadinho on the Talk N ‘Play Board and influencer The Darkness on BGS Talks SBT Games. Another big name on BGS Digital’s October program is Lipão Gamer, whose YouTube channel has more than 11 million subscribers. He will challenge moderators Haru and CarolzinhaSG in a Guys gameplay case on the BGS gameplay board.

BGS Digital’s full schedule for October includes:

08.10. (Friday): 4 p.m. – Méqui Surprise 4:45 p.m. – BGS FanArt SAGA with the artists Maria Zontes and Murilo Rossi 5:15 p.m. – Presentation of the video game orchestra

09.10. (Saturday): 4:00 p.m. – Marvel Moment with interviews with Marvel Future Revolution producer Danny Koo and Midnight Suns Creative Director Jake Solomon and presentation of the game Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy. 17:00 – Méqui Guessr with CarolzinhaSG and Ana Xisdê 17:30 – Special Talk N ‘Play – with CarolzinhaSG and Gabriel Machadinho 18:00 – Video Game Orchestra Presentation

10/10 (Sunday): 16:45 – BGS Game News 17:00 – Méqui Guessr with CarolzinhaSG and Ana Xisdê 17:30 – BGS Talks with The Darkness 18:00 – Presentation of the Video Game Orchestra

10/11 (Monday) 4:30 p.m. – Minecraft YouTube Gaming Challenge with JazzGhost, MultigirlBR and Ei MINE 5:00 p.m. – BGS Gameplay by Fall Guys with Haru, CarolzinhaSG and Lipão Gamer 5:30 p.m. – Video Game Orchestra

10/12 (Tuesday): 16:00 – Nintendo Moment 17:00 – Méqui Unboxing 17:30 – Video Game Orchestra

BGS Digital in October opens the countdown to the next personal edition of the Brasil Game Show, which will take place from October 6th to 12th at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo. More information at:

You know, sometimes we complain too much about the game industry. And yes, mostly for good reason, be it the ultra-predatory microtransactions of certain games, the nth re-release of GTA V (as much as Skyrim and Resident Evil 4 are bigger, Bethesda and Capcom have released many more) games as a rock star from 2013 to now) or the spate of rogue likes and open world games, but the fact is, despite the problems, we are living in one of the best times to be a fan of games.

If you like open world games there is a lot for you, do you like JRPG? There are about 10 on each corner. Do you want something retro?

You can emulate a variety of systems at will and even have from compilations to indie games that capture the retro style. And if you want something weird there are plenty of pretentious indie games out there. The fact is, there is a game for everyone.

What does this have to do with today’s game? Nothing, I just decided to wait two paragraphs because I was running out of ideas … Don’t even look at me with that face, you’ve already done that to Enem. Anyway, the Japanese developer Zoo Corporation has been developing games that have basic mechanics, whether games like Solitaire or Poker, but with an anime aesthetic, thanks to the illustrations by the developers Miel / Norn (whose novels use depending on the subject, but they are the same team). And EastAsiaSoft was responsible for bringing these games out to consoles. One of the newest games was Pretty Girls Panic! Check out the review.

Beach: shade, fresh water and waifus

Pretty girls in a panic! it doesn’t have a script, and I’m in no mood to make one up so I’m going to copy and paste a paragraph from the Lero-Lero generator below:

I lie. I gave up copying and pasting the sentence from Lero-Leros Generator. The joke was funnier in my head than in the text, I apologize.,

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Anyway, the girls have been kidnapped by marine animals and it’s up to you, the protagonist with no name or personality, to rescue them through the mechanics of a classic game that has already been cloned a million times.

Hooray! I managed to make up a story by getting it out of my ass. I’m a genius. Or not.

Have you seen this game anywhere

If you’re young, you probably haven’t played the original, but you’ve certainly played, or at least seen, some of its clones, as Qix, along with Space Invaders and Breakout / Arkanoid, is one of the most commonly cloned games over the years.

Anyway, the game works like Qix, you have to fill the screen with geometric shapes while dodging enemies. We have a square as a play area and you can go in all four directions as you have to dodge enemies and keep enemies from reaching your line.

If the area you filled had enemies then you will destroy them which makes the level a little easier. There are power-ups that will help you in the game, be it giving you a few seconds of invincibility (whether against you or your line), making your character faster or stopping time.

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The stages start easy, but as the stages progress, the variety of enemies increases, which makes the journey more challenging. And of course it’s not just the journey. As you would expect from the ZOO Corporation, girls’ clothes (mostly) get more provocative as we go through their stages.

As far as the level of difficulty is concerned, the game does not have a variable level of difficulty per se, but two modes, Easy and Challenging.

The difference is that in Easy we have six lives per phase and in Challenging we have 4, plus points in time and perfect finishing (without losing lives). And the levels get harder of course, but it’s kind of a roller coaster, up and down, when we switch to another girl.

Curvy girls and nice music

Pretty girls in a panic!

Yes, the main reason a lot of you guys buy the game (aside from the addicting gameplay, at least I love the style of QIX, Bully’s class mini-games, photography – that was the QIX clone – is my favorite) is the game girls, and well, they don’t disappoint.

Coming from multiple Norn / Miel novels, you’re sure to find a favorite, although most of the original novels have as much script as Bread and Mortadella (the number of novels that are basically isekai of the standard type that gets extremely powerful in another World, you can write a huge list) but I’m getting too off topic.

CHECKM – Rare variant of the Keys Kart game for PlayStation 3

The game’s aesthetics and background are appealing, complemented by beautiful compositions that are royalty-free. Although the variety of songs can be overwhelming at times (some seem straight out of Shovel Knight, while others wouldn’t look out of place in a Mega Man X-series game.)

After all, syncing is basically just sentences that are isolated from visual novels, and some of them are … Well, you should either mute your voice or play headphones so your relatives won’t hear it.

If you want uncompromising arcade fun, go for it!

Pretty girls in a panic!

Pretty girls in a panic! It’s a fun, no-compromise game, and you can finish it quickly. But it has good replayability because it’s an arcade style game. So, at some point it will come back to him.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by EastAsiaSoft

Has it ever happened to you that you happen to write something and something like that happens in the end?

Recently (not so recently, but anyway) I noticed in my review of Sables Grimoire that it was a shame not to have a route with Eris the succubus teacher. In August the update 1.08 (in the PC version) came out, which added a route with Eris. We don’t know when this update will hit consoles, but hopefully soon I want an excuse to go back there.

But it wasn’t the first time I wrote something that came true. Between 2010 and 2011 I wrote a series of five articles, sequels on retro franchises that I would like to have, each article had three games and some kind of formulas that I would like to use to do the same thing.

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From these articles, Streets of Rage, Wonder Boy, Donkey Kong Country, Shinobi, Strider, and Alex Kidd somehow came true.

Anyway, today’s game is part of the nostalgic series of visual novels I played when my channel focused on it. While I didn’t make a video of it (because the version I had was the adult version) it was one of the ones I played. The game is also blacklisted from Twitch games that aren’t even approved for all ages.

Because Twitch is really a compliant place where a sexless game like Sakura Beach is banned, but sex games like GTA V, The Last of Us 2 and The Witcher 3 are fine.

But without further ado, let’s get to the Sakura Swim Club Review.

Finding something that interests you while swimming

Before we comment on the game’s script, a disclaimer is that the game fell victim to one of Steam’s random policies regarding games with adult content.

Because originally the game is set in high school, but Steam has started threatening any anime-themed game with ecchi (or hentai) content that is set in a school. To get around this, a patch was released that replaced all references about the school from the university.

As a result, many of the game’s dialogues lost some of their meaning and the writing sometimes left a bit stupid. However, for all intents and purposes, I will refer to the game’s script as it is, rather than “university”. Do me a favor, see Steam.

You take on the role of Kaede, the son of a famous man, but your relationship with the family is not the best. Not for lack of love do you know that your father and mother love you, but there is the fact that everyone in your family is successful in some way and with all of your family’s success, expectations of you are high at which point you just don’t want it.

You only do the bare minimums to get through the year of school, and your father keeps putting you in school in search of something that will ignite the spark of success in you.

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In this new school you are prepared for another phase of apathy, only one of your teachers (certainly influenced by your father) forces you to join a club, any club except the swimming club, because it does not have a good reputation for any reason to have.

Of course, like everyone in the situation where you are told not to do something, you go out and do it, go to the swimming club and meet the only two people there: Hiromi, the quiet girl who, in spite of everything, always keeps her cool, and Mieko, which is kind of the opposite, is a bit nervous and blown away.

And between the hustle and bustle and slips, his swimming club life begins, which gives his school life a meaning. As you improve as a swimmer, you will get to know your clubmates and some of their problems better.

Sakura Swim Club brings the typical comedy narrative with a touch of ecchi that is already familiar to anyone who plays Winged Cloud’s visual novels. It’s not something great, epic or fantastic, it’s a simple and fun school story. Of course the story has a bit of drama, like the personal problems the characters (and the protagonist himself) face, leaving everything but “just comedy and hey”.

The characters are basic visual novel archetypes, with Hiromi being the “cool” girl, always calm and focused, while Mieko is the typical Tsundere (but she doesn’t attack anyone as is common in the tropics). Our protagonist Kaede is the boy with a successful father who feels suffocated by the family’s expectations.

Wanaca Strikes Again, oh the music is cool and the game has voice acting

Sakura swimming club

I can’t get enough of Wanaca’s personality trait. I don’t know, but they have a unique charm.

The girls are obviously curvy and attractive. The scenarios used are proficient, although there’s one thing that … College setting in visual novel, it’s not hard to get decent. But on the flip side, the variety of high school scenarios I’ve seen … But I’ve gotten off topic.

The game’s CGs (I’m referring to the console version here) are far less provocative than those of Sakura Succubus for example, still selling the product “attractive girl teasing” of course, but given the Succubus novel mentioned above, it’s for something every family .

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The game has high quality compositions, songs that do their job well at the time, but what attracts attention is the fact that the game is dubbed in Japanese.

It’s one of the few Winged Cloud titles with voice-overs, along with Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Angels, Sakura Nova (which will hopefully be released for consoles, it’s one of my favorite Winged Cloud novels) and Pyrite Heart (with voice-overs) in English) .

The two voice actors are in stark contrast, while Kanzaki Kanari (Hiromi’s voice) is a seasoned seiyuu with over fifteen years of experience (at the time of Sakura Swim Club’s release), while Ogawa Komachi (Mieko’s voice) is a beginning voice actor. with the only other work at the time, another Winged Cloud game, Sakura Fantasy. Nevertheless, the two fulfill their role very well, with the necessary nuances for the personalities of the girls.

Your basic comedy ecchi

Sakura Swim Club is another signature Winged Cloud novel that mixes comedy and ecchi. It’s solid, please, if you want something simple. If you are looking for revolutionary or exciting scripts, unfortunately you will not find them here. But if you like simplicity, comedy, and a little bit of ecchi, play Sakura Swim Club, you will.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Gamuzumi.


Originally released in Japan in 1988 for the Famicom / NES, the DQ3 is a natural evolution of its predecessors (whose reviews can be read here and here).

As a novelty, this was the first in the series (in the Japanese version) to have a storage system instead of passwords. Also, this iteration takes place before the first two games in the series.

Here we are reviewing the version of Switch, a previously released remake for mobile phones. This port is heavily based on the original NES game, but also includes some of its earlier remakes made for SNES and Game Boy Color, respectively.

A fourth (!!) remake of the game was also announced for 2021, this time for modern consoles, with Unreal Engine 4 and with graphics similar to the Octopath Traveler game, which mixes sprites with 3D scenarios.


In this third iteration of Dragon Quest, we follow the journey of the nameless hero (or heroine), son of the legendary warrior Ortega, who, on his sixteenth birthday, is given the task of defeating the demon Baramos.

Much of the story revolves around the hero and his allies – more on that later – who traverse the entire game world in search of three keys that allow the player to access all areas of the map, with the cities and little stories knows that occur in each of the regions.

During this quest, the hero discovers that in order to enter the villain’s castle he will have to look for the six spheres (not those of the dragon) that are needed to revive the legendary bird Ramia.

Finally, we have the final chapter of the story (which acts as the third act of the game), but this part is best discovered by those who have not played it before.

My only recommendation is: play DQ3 after the first game as this part is fully tied to the two previous games and this makes life a lot easier for the player who wants to reset the game without resorting to guides.


Dragon Quest III isn’t much innovative compared to the second game. The party system is retained, but his allies are not determined by the story, but generated by the player himself, who chooses their names and classes at the beginning of the story.

This significantly reduces the quality of the narrative, but is interesting in terms of gameplay as the chosen classes can be changed / developed further at certain points in the game.

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In addition, the group’s own allies can be exchanged for new characters at any time, at the price of starting from the first level with the new character.

But don’t worry, as your previous characters will remain at the starting point, the change will not cause any stress for the player.

The available classes are: Hero (only for the main character), Soldier, Fighter, Pilgrim, Wizard, Merchant, Goof-Off, Sage and Thief.

Each of them obviously has its advantages and disadvantages that technically need to be discovered by the player on their journey, but most people will just look at online guides anyway.

Open world

With an even bigger map than its predecessor – plus an additional location towards the end of the game – DQ3 is further expanding DQ2’s open world concept.

For the first few hours, the player can explore any area that they can move around.

This causes a bit of frustration for those who like more guided and linear experiences as the player inevitably walks through places where enemies are much stronger than him and they get ruined very quickly as a result.

While Yuji Horii’s direction has been focused on this freedom of exploration, it is clear that there is a certain path dictated by the creators that is not clearly apparent to the player.

At different times the game can be a little tiring because even when talking to all sorts of NPCs in each area, the narrative often doesn’t make it clear which next destination or general area of ​​the map to explore in order to continue.

This is a constant problem in the series up to this point and one that – as early as the next review – will be improved very little in Dragon Quest IV.

It’s that old situation of games designed for a time when the product was expected to be enjoyed longer than it is today and when trying to enjoy Dragon Quest III and expecting steady progress without crashes, it will the modern gamer will definitely be frustrated certain times.

Guides help a lot, but using them from the start takes away much of the conquering factor the producers were hoping for in the player at the time.

This limitation on the use of guides is a very complicated subject, and I believe it varies greatly from person to person.

My opinion is that everyone should play alone, but don’t waste more than 20 minutes not knowing what to do in this game. Because every moment of frustration like this can create a bad image about a game that is still a lot of fun and fun.

Dragon Quest III

Improvements over previous games

In addition to changing the way the party is formed – with a system that will only be reused in Dragon Quest VI – the game has seen several changes from previous games.

Some changes / improvements:

  • Ability to choose the gender of the character;
  • Day and night cycle that changes what happens in cities and also affects monsters that appear on the map;
  • New spells and skills.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation was the first big hit of the series in Japan and will therefore always be mentioned in future games.

Its huge open world, the soundtrack in line with previous games – and therefore not covered in the text above – and the turn-based combat reached a level well above the competition at that time.

To date, there are four different versions of the game, with Gameboy Color and SNES being considered the best quality. The modern port for cell phones and switches has its qualities, but it lacks a lot because for Nintendinho it is too tied to the limitations of the original.

Dragon Quest III

This is the first game in the series reviewed here that I recommend to new players to the series as its structure is more similar to JRPGs from the 90s.

It escapes the painterly madness of the previous games of the genre and yet, due to its non-linearity and the somewhat high degree of difficulty, DQ3 demands a little more from the player.

The third game completes the original Erdrick hero trilogy. The fourth game, also released for the NES, begins a new trilogy that brings even more drastic changes to the series as it will be the last game developed for Nintendo’s 8-bit. Until then!


This review was made with a personal copy of the Nintendo Switch game.

Dragon Quest III

Wild west themed games are relatively rare compared to other themes such as fantasy, urban or horror.

Yes, we have classics like Sunset Riders, hidden gems like Ganpuru: Gunman’s Proof, hits like Red Dead Redemption and one of the first games I played on PS2, Darkwatch that mixes Wild West and Vampires.

Maybe because of the difficulty dealing with the subject (I don’t know why) or maybe the fear of being compared to Red Dead Redemption 2, but we don’t have as many games in the Wild West as we’d like. Still, some studios are trying to use the theme in their games.

A few years ago we had Gunman Clive (the publisher did not release the PS4 version in the Brazilian PS Store), whom Tony analyzed here. And now, recently, Brazilian studio Nibb Games has released Virtuous Westerns for PCs.

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Thanks to Ratalaika Games, the game is now available on all platforms. Check out with us the review of the game I would have called Virtuous Wrestling almost 28 times in a video (and YouTube screwed up its tone so I didn’t publish it).


You are there alone, drinking in the saloon and thinking about your life expectancy of 43 years, as was common in the Old West when suddenly BANDITS invade the place! That they attack you as a distraction for their boss to steal your horse.

Once you get rid of your flip flops you go after the guy who stole your horse and you will overtake anyone who gets in your way … as long as you have enough bullets for them and can use them to make chains breaking that get in your way, dropboxes that are conveniently positioned or hitting explosive barrels enough to create a chain reaction big enough to do so.

Yeah, I stalled a bit because the game is about it and I wouldn’t feel good doing a one-paragraph summary.

Limitation encourages creativity

Virtuous West

Contrary to what you might expect, Virtuous Western IS NOT a platformer. It even has the controls of one, but the game is basically a one-screen puzzle game.

Your goal is to kill all enemies by using the limited resources available to you in the level. You have to know when to shoot, when to jump, where to shoot, where to throw the grenade. Basically, look at the scene and work with what you are given.

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At first it is easy to shoot an enemy backwards, shoot two enemies at each other, but as you progress through the 30 phases of the game new elements appear and the game becomes more challenging.

It all culminates in a boss fight … which could be better and thought-provoking, but it all comes down to memorizing the boss pattern, collecting the bullets, avoiding the gusts and shooting them when the gusts stop. Repeat until kill.

Virtuous Western is not a long game, depending on the skill of the player it can be finished in less than half an hour. As a replay factor, the player may feel encouraged to try out the Speedrun mode in order to finish the game as soon as possible.

If there was one word to summarize the graphics and sound of the game it would be “repetition”.

Virtuous West

Given that there are 30 single screen puzzles and it is set in the Wild West, things are expected to repeat itself (a few things are added here and there during the stages, all within the theme) but at least the game is not discolored like Gunman Clive. The landscape is colorful and the sprites are very friendly.

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The short cutscenes before the first and after the last have a very good-natured cartoon tone. And now, the game has one song for the main menu and one for all stages. And although they are songs that conjure up the western atmosphere well, they do get a little sick in the end.

A little puzzle to pass the time

Virtuous West

Here we have already analyzed some strangely Brazil-made one-screen puzzles, 112th Seed, 0 Degrees and Welcome Back, each of them with a unique mechanic that makes them interesting.

Virtuous Western is worthy of this group of Brazilian indies, with charming graphics, easy to understand and simple gameplay and replay factor. So, if you are a fan of simple puzzles, then you should give Virtuous Western a try.

In addition to the original PC version, the game is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Ratalaika Games.

The publisher FuRyu surely caught my eye when he announced the school RPG Monark (unrelated to the guy there) because of its premise that was very similar to Shin Megami, which is not uncommon among RPG developers are former Atlus -Members with MegaTen experience.

The game will be coming to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2022, but the Japanese release is now October 14th and there is a demo on the Japanese eShop and PSN, so I’ll share my impressions of the game.

Never trust a tall guy in white, I tell you that

Since the demo is in Japanese and I obviously don’t speak or understand that language, it’s a little difficult to understand the dialogues or what is actually going on. But well, somehow our school was moved to another world and strange incidents happened.

As part of the True Student Council, whatever that means, we should investigate this bullshit.

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From what the producers have revealed, Monark’s own main narrative mechanism is similar to that of Shin Megami Tensei: When the choice of the main partner determines the route of our game.

The demo itself shows only a small part of Hinata’s path. But the last game will give us four different routes, each with its ends, and as an incentive to repeat it will be possible to skip common parts of the routes and focus on the unique moments of each of these routes.

The beginning of the demo, the narrative I can tell, reminded me a little of Fate / Extra, the PSP RPG. You start out with being introduced to combat mechanics, only in an impossible situation to win, and your character dies. And then we are introduced to our true character.

What about the guy in white I mentioned? Look, he seems to have some strange power controlling some of the other students and they get red eyes (red eyes, Monark … the best jokes are yourself, I tell you) and clearly dislike the protagonist. And come on! A guy all in white at a school where the uniform is black.

Fight a la Neptunia + risk and reward in the madness


At the beginning of the game, the headmaster asks you a series of fifteen questions that define the player’s initial statistics through the EGO system.

I don’t understand exactly how it works or how these stats are changed (there is a character that you interact with from time to time and change their EGO points in a certain statistic, but since I don’t understand Japanese, I passed at.)

The game’s main battle reminded me a bit of the Neptunia series, with different characters having attacks with different areas of action, either cone-shaped or circular (there may be others later). the reaction and the damage done.

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If you attack the enemy head-on, the enemy will almost certainly counterattack. And if you attack him from behind (THAT SHE SAID) your attack will do a little more damage. Before the attack it is possible to move the character freely (around a defined range of motion, just like Neptunia)

The game has a risk and reward system based on the common sense of the characters. As you and your group walk through an infected area of ​​the game, the insane counter will gradually increase. It is important to keep an eye on this counter because certain actions in dialogues are only possible if the sanity bar is above a certain percentage.

This also applies to combat, as certain skills can only be used when mental health is above a certain point.

This is a double-edged sword, however, as not just staying in the infected area increases the percentage. Sometimes certain NPCs are also affected by the madness and come up to the character irregularly until they scream.

This screams HUGE (about 30%) your sanity. And when the mind / madness bar reaches 100%, the character freaks out in the potato and in combat the player loses control of him, who can attack allies and enemies with equal ferocity.

Sanity can be restored with items or by speaking to the teacher (who is a medic) who will fully restore the group’s sanity.

The game has random fights but these can be declined if the player declines the call (yes, the game has some otherworldly calls to the fight, don’t ask me, just answer). And if the player is in trouble (like me) they can leave the fight and stay alive.

Despite the style, it’s not powerful.


Graphically, Monark is not eye-catching. Just as Disaster Report 4 looked like a PS3 game on a PS4 (which I suspect since Disaster Report 4 was originally a PS3 game), Monark does not appear to be harnessing the power of the PS4, if not the PS5. The character models are very simple, as are the scenarios.

LEIAM – Oniken Unstoppable Edition: Reunion with the Brazilian indie classic

Of course the game has its own style, but a lot seems to be inspired by Shin Megami Tensei (other than the demons) and maybe a little bit from Caligula Effect (another RPG made by FuRyu.

I’ll admit I didn’t pay that much attention to the demo soundtrack, but the theme song itself is pretty cool. And the Japanese dubbing in the game, even though I only know three names (Shigeru Chiba, Suzuko Mimori, and Shinichiro Miki), is what you’d expect from a Japanese RPG. Excellent dialogue and delivery to the point.

May the localized experience help in this promising title


Monark promises, but we won’t know if the game delivers as promised until it hits consoles and PCs early next year.

Localization is done by NIS America so there are mixed feelings in between (some of their locations left a lot to be desired as I hear on the internet) but considering I have no complaints about FuRyu’s locations. listen to games so maybe be good.

Either way, Monark will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in February 2022.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about movies and one of the reasons is time. Or play games with my son or watch movies or anything else childish. Today I got to see Venom again, which I didn’t even like that much, but it was more fun than the first time.

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Since I plan to see the sequel, I decided it would be interesting to talk a little about my impressions of the Lethal Protector. Of course that’s my opinion, so please agree with her.

It’s funny to think that I was once a heavy critic of these adaptations, but I’ve stopped falling into those exaggerated expectations. I think this film is one of those that taught me to ignore the issues and focus on what it has to offer.

That’s it!


Venom’s protagonist is our dear Eddie Brock, a wild villain in the Spider universe. And luckily, it’s Tom Hardy who plays him who, like a good actor, understands that the script isn’t a big deal, so his charisma carries the whole film.

That’s right, the script is pretty weak and doesn’t even try to add depth to the villain’s villain or any other relationship Eddie has. The actors seem to notice this and the audience immediately steps in, which makes the film lighter and less somber.

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Everything goes fast and the plot until the end is very interesting despite the boring beginning. There is no fight except that Brocks lives and brings down the Life Foundation.


In the Fundação Vida Brock is contaminated by Venom and finally the film begins, with the protagonist reacting exaggerated and very funny because of the symbiote while he is being hunted. I can’t help but point out that the film comes up with some goofy jokes in this regard to give it that casual look.

Despite this serious, adult film, Frowning, Venom is a children’s film for ages 12 and up.

The closest thing to violence I noticed was the motorcycle accident in which Brock’s leg is crooked and no people are torn in half or literally devoured in front of the camera.

Oh if I want to see this Of course, but I knew what to find here. I just thought they could have been braver and still contained the level of violence. However, looking at the movie and the rumors TODAY I understand the reason for choosing a lighter script that focuses on younger audiences.

IT HAS TO BE A villain

But it only became a reason to take on another symbiote against Venom. Riot is physically stronger than the deadly protector, this becomes very evident in the first match and as Venom emphasizes that he is making some impressive moves.

It’s a character who really belongs in the anti-hero universe, but it doesn’t work very well here. The motivation is undoubtedly interesting, but you understand that it could be a lot better if more work was done on the character of Riot, everything goes very quickly. You could have threaded the other symbiotes from the villain’s group BUT I know I’m bored, but I promise to redeem myself by the end of this text.

Either way, that’s reason enough to get the two of them to trade big puns in CGI, which is so damn cool. It is the climax of the film and quickly unfolds into the final fight that ends very mediocre. If he threw a grenade or anything else, the movie would end a lot faster.

Hey we watch comic-based movies to see digital asses, so who cares?


I’m not being unfair, the Venom design is one of the coolest things I’ve seen including the symbiote’s personality.

Oh, but…. Ain’t cool. There is no spider here, you don’t have to stick to the pattern we know from the spider uniform. It could be any shape, but who cares, it looks so damn cool.

The effects are not good, but it works very well. The motorcycle thing where he puts it down and it slides on his own body and then we’re taken to that first appearance of the GIF. It was worth the movie, at least for me.

It may not and may not be the best comic-based work, but it provides quick entertainment. There are lots of good scenes, there is humor, and lots of dolls and shirts must have been sold.

He’s got enough to win a sequel. Is that supposed to be worth something? No, a lot of junk films do the same thing, but this one won me over.



The film is very funny, simple, straightforward and without a lot of fuss, as a good first film should be. It’s not like Sam Raimi’s terrible Venom in Spider’s third feature film.

Overall, the cast of the film only played Tom Hardy (watch Bronson with him, seriously). So the others don’t have any major highlights, they are just the backdrop for the dialogues and actions between the symbiote and Eddie.

This one goes a little further, without a lot of frills or trying to bring the reasons for this or that to a fancy solution. It’s all because yes and go ahead to grind the crowd.

I’m looking forward to the second film with Carnificina because I think I’ll have as much fun as this one. It’s a fun movie and it’s worth simply turning your brain off to watch it, so I recommend it.