There are many concepts that were abandoned in games but later made a comeback in other generations.

Like the classic Marble Madness, by Midway, created by Mark Cerny (yes, Mark Cerny, by Sony), in which we had to guide a marble through amazing courses. Despite the game’s success (it was ported to 15 different platforms), it never got a sequel. (Marble Man: Marble Madness II was canceled due to an arcade test error.)

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There have been other games that have reproduced the idea of ​​obstacle courses for spherical objects over time. And one of those games was Orbibot by Ratalaika Games, which was recently released for consoles.

Will you face this?

Is a spherical robot a robola?

Since Orbibot doesn’t have a script and I’m in no mood to invent one, let’s get to the point. One of the things that doesn’t really count in Orbibot’s favor is that the presentation of the game itself is very, very basic. But anyway, now that that’s out of the way, here we go.

Orbibot is a physics puzzle game in which we’ll use a spherical robot and have to complete fifteen levels with different obstacles. In this, the game somewhat resembles Marble Madness, but that’s where the similarities end.

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Here we don’t have any MM enemies, but in order to go through different parts of the stages, some puzzles have to be solved.

Their complexity increases as you progress through the game, but one of the things you can do to give yourself an edge is to use the game’s physics in your favor and pave the way to the point , where you have at least two stages in the game that I don’t know how they are complete because I quickly went from start to finish cutting paths.

Physics doesn’t allow it


Game controls are simple, you move with the analog stick, you can rotate the camera and zoom in or out. In the levels with puzzles, when you press the triangle, a light signal will show you what to do in each puzzle.

I said that this is a puzzle game with physics, but the physics part is partly because… physics is somehow not respected in many moments of the game, be it a stage where the ball that should go down a path gets stuck the fact that if you fall out of the scenario (where physics works), your ball can reach much higher speeds, which is possible in certain cases (as I said in the previous section of this review), skipping entire levels

The game is short and you can finish it in an hour or two depending on your patience and the repetition factor comes from having fun and trying to complete levels as fast as possible or finding ways to skip the stages Stage.

Pleasant but repetitive


Orbibot’s look won’t catch your eye. Indeed it will, but for the fact that all phases have the same theme, with additions of new relative gimmicks. It’s not like Kororinpa: Marble Saga, which has different maps, or Marble Madness, where the stages are different colors.

Despite the overly simplistic presentation, the look is clean and pleasant. Sonically, Orbibot is hard to categorize, the robot is obviously making some robotic noises a la R2D2 and the game’s music… They’re weird.

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Not the compositions themselves, but the game’s music selection seems to be the most random in the world. Sometimes you find yourself in a very complicated part of the game that would call for an action song, but the background music is something ultra calm. And sometimes you think there’s an upbeat song playing in the first phase.

And yes, the in-game songs play randomly, and if I’m not mistaken, they’re royalty-free songs. Unfortunately the game does not have a credits screen, so I cannot confirm this information.

a cheap distraction


If you liked Marble Madness and miss Marble Madness games, you should try Orbibot. Is it a little awkward? Yes, but it’s a very fun game and an easy Platinum/1000G for your account.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

This review was conducted using a digital copy of the PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Ratalaika Games.

Monster Hunter Rise™, the acclaimed title in the Monster Hunter™ series released this year for Nintendo Switch™, gets a monstrous expansion packed with new content.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak™ features an all-new story with new monsters, new locations to explore, gameplay elements, quest leaderboards, and more. The robust expansion will be released simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2022.

As shown in the trailer, a dark environment sets the stage for the emergence of a fearsome monster. More details on this new threat and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s exciting gameplay will be announced soon.

About Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise, the latest entry in the action RPG series, takes players to the village of Kamura, a peaceful and exotic environment that attracts visitors with its whimsical culture and innovative hunting technologies. The core gameplay experience of Monster Hunter Rise stays true to previous games in the Monster Hunter series, allowing hunters to equip armor and choose from 14 different weapon types.

As players defeat monsters and progress through the game, items obtained from defeated enemies can be used to craft weapons and armor that increase their chances of success and survival in the future. Hunters can tackle these challenges alone or in groups of up to four hunters in local or online co-op.

Monster Hunter Rise advances the series by introducing several exciting mechanics for hunters to master. For the first time in a Monster Hunter game, it’s possible to perform cable-controlled actions using “cabin sets” on the ground or in the air, adding new opportunities for aerial displacement that can be incorporated into hunting and combat strategies.

In addition, the game features the “Wizard Riding” technique, which allows players to temporarily take control of a monster and produce spectacular combat sequences during a hunt. Monster Hunter Rise also introduces new hunting partners called Amicães, custom “Canynos” companions that can be used as mounts and offer new attack options. These companions team up with the beloved “Felynos” companions, the comrades, to help players in the hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch and will be available for PC in early 2022

New strategy game combines LEGO® Star Wars™ characters and locations with fast-paced competitive play

Warner Bros. Games, The LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Games announced that LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles, the latest action-strategy game, is available today exclusively on Apple Arcade, Apple’s popular games subscription service, which gives you unlimited access – without ads or in-app purchases. The game brings together iconic LEGO® Star Wars™ characters, vehicles and locations with one-on-one, real-time multiplayer combat.

Developed by TT Games Brighton and published by Warner Bros. Games, LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles allows players to mix and match characters and vehicles across the Star Wars galaxy to form unstoppable squads. Strategy is required to deploy troops and build LEGO towers on the battlefield while trying to destroy your opponent’s base. Players will dominate both sides of the Force with both light and dark side armies, each with their own playstyle.

Featuring characters and locations from all Star Wars eras, including Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ and Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, players can explore iconic heroes and villains such as Luke Skywalker™, Rey™, Obi-Wan Kenobi™ , Boba Fett™ and Darth Vader™, along with characters like porgs, stormtroopers, battle droids and a variety of vehicles ranging from AT-ATs to TIE bombers and even the Millennium Falcon. As players progress and level up, it is possible to unlock different arenas based on well known Star Wars locations including Scarif, Naboo, Hoth, Endor, Geonosis and more.

The title is playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade for a small monthly subscription of 9.90 reals, with one month free. Apple Arcade is also part of Apple One monthly plans: Individual (R$26.50) and Family (R$37.90) with a free one-month trial*.

Find out more about LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on Facebook (LEGOStarWarsGame), Twitter (@LSWGAME), Instagram (LEGOStarWarsGame) and YouTube (LEGOStarWarsGame).

*The Apple One free trial only includes services not currently offered through a subscription or free trial. The plan automatically renews after the trial period ends, until canceled. Restrictions and other conditions apply.

One of the things I’ve seen lately is that some medium to large companies that have their indie game departments, companies like Nacom, Soedesco, and even EA, have departments with such games, on a smaller budget and smaller scope, which leaves room for creative minds to think outside the box that is not suitable for blockbusters AAA blockbusters. The games Fe and Unravel came from this niche via the label EA Originals.

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THQ Nordic also has a label for independent games, Handy Games, which released several games before the takeover (by THQ Nordic) in 2018. In any case, the cooperative 3D platform game Pile Up !, developed by the French studio Seed by Seed, came out on PC in March of this year. And in August, the game finally hit consoles.

Is it worth your time

Help others in this colorful cardboard world

You’re an unnamed box (which I’ll call Bob) that has arrived in a desperate place.

To get the excitement going, Bob (and his friends if he wants to play cooperative) must help locals with their various troubles, be it the frog’s lost children, a director’s assistants surrounded by flames, or a Brat who has her birthday party but has no guests or anything else.

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I’m sure I forgot one of the goals, but whatever. You have to cross this world and help people because Eek the Cat already said (in the voice of Guilherme Briggs): “Helping doesn’t hurt”, but considering that Eek always screwed up in the drawing, that statement is a little questionable.

Of course, the story isn’t going to win any awards for originality or creativity, but it’s clearly just an excuse for us to play, which is fine for me in this case.

Brain that i want you for (at least when you play alone)

A little disclaimer: I didn’t like a certain part and element of the game because it requires multiplayer, and as a fat man with no friends in the middle of a pandemic, I can’t play multiplayer.

Stack up! is a game that can be played as a team, whether with 1, 2, or 3 friends (who has 3 close friends in 2021?), but you can enjoy most of the game on your own. It’s a 3D platformer with puzzle and collectathon elements, but it’s not as strong as games like Banjo Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee, and Doonkey Koong Country 3 (yes, I misspelled Donkey Kong Country on purpose). are only for two things (apart from this 100% thing), one of which is to buy the extra skins from your box and the other to free up the extra path of the stages, which is a little more difficult, but that makes it possible around the other collectibles of the phase and get 100% of them.

The gameplay is linear, although the game’s central HUB suggests otherwise. After completing the tutorial (which will teach you some of the basics of the game) you will be given a key to advance to the first level. You can explore the hub, pick up the collectibles available there, but you can only go to the first stage. Whether that speaks for it or against it is questionable, but I can’t help but see that it could have been nonlinear.

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The gameplay itself is simple, with one button you give a kind of line, with another you can throw boxes, which is the main gimmick of the game. As the title of the game says, you will have to stack boxes in the levels to reach certain platforms and solve puzzles.

It’s both simple and complicated. At first we only have ordinary cardboard boxes, but as the game progresses, other types of cardboard boxes will appear, depending on the requirements of the level, be it a box with frog tongues that will help you pick up distant boxes or cross huge chasms (depending on your location) or Crates that float, explode after a few seconds or splash water.

There is no need to rush (unless you are a speedrunner) as the game has no enemies and deaths (from falling into the countryside) are not penalized. One of the things that is common in games with a puzzle element is that puzzles often only have one solution. Here at Pile Up, although the puzzles (which aren’t that difficult) have an obvious solution, you can be creative if you can get elements from one point on the map to another (like a feather).

To give a little incentive to collect the dice (which are the game’s currency) there are skins that can be bought in the shop, like watermelon or sushi (or is it melancaixa and caixushi?) That they don’t make it there’s no difference in the big plans, but if you want some incentive to collect things, it’s here.

The game is not particularly long, you can finish it in a good afternoon, and the replay factor lies in the mini-games and the cooperative mode of the game, which, if you can play like that, is more than recommended.

Wonderful cardboard world

Stack up!

The artwork was created with great care by the Seed by Seed team as the artistic style of the game is breathtaking.

It has the same feel as games like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and more specifically, Yoshi’s Crafted World. The game world is made of cardboard and the creativity of the artist team in showing the banal things made of cardboard is remarkable.

The settings are beautiful and the characters remarkable and even expressive as they are made of cardboard. And of course they don’t speak, but they express themselves through speech bubbles with illustrations that tell you the goal of the levels.

The game’s soundtrack includes music with the relaxed theme of the game. They are not songs that stay in your head, but they put you in the ideal mood for a (possibly) quiet adventure with friends.

It works for what the game wants.

Solo or duo, fun for Supla too

Stack up! It’s that game you don’t expect that much at first sight, but it’s a fun game, especially if you’re looking for a quiet and uncompromising family game … If you don’t play the mini-games against, the game won’t be quiet … if you know what I mean.

Either way, the game is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This review was made using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Handy Games.


September 27, 2021 – AQUIRIS is proud to announce that its new addition to the Horizon Chase franchise, SENNA SEMPER, will be available on October 20th for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X | S consoles on PC via Steam will be. Epic Game Store and Nuuvem, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

A very special tribute to our legendary Ayrton Senna, this expansion features an entirely new range of cars, tracks and features inspired by Senna’s career.

Thanks to the partnership and support of Senna Brands, part of the revenue from the licensing of this project will be used to support the educational programs of the Instituto Ayrton Senna.


  • Single Player Career Mode: Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Brazilian driver across five nostalgic chapters.

  • First-person-view (exclusive to Senna Semper): Feel the heat of the moment in the cockpit.

  • Choose your racing strategy before the start (exclusively for Senna Semper): Make decisions about the configuration of your car, taking into account each racetrack and the weather conditions.

  • 130 exploits of Senna in career mode: can you achieve a performance similar to our champion?

  • Championship mode with 18 different teams to choose from and over 30 cars to unlock: Dominate the world race track in three different categories.

  • Play alone or with up to 4 players locally: Experience unique races in each championship with the unpredictability of weather, tracks and random competitors (local multiplayer mode not available on mobile devices).

A special edition of Horizon Chase Turbo, which already includes the expansion “Senna Semper”, will have a physical version only for PlayStation 4 in Brazil for R $ 99.90, but with a discount for those who buy in the pre-sale period, which is today begins.

Nuuvem will also have a special discounted pre-sale for the Brazilian PC audience.

“Horizon Chase was created as an homage to the classic racing games of the 80s and 90s. Back then, many of us were still kids, playing video games and watching family races on the living room couch, among other things. We couldn’t even imagine that one day we would make a game whose character would be the great champion of those unforgettable Sundays: Ayrton Senna.

Senna Semper is a mixture of some of our deepest passions: games, racing, family and Ayrton Senna. ”- Sandro Manfredini, Managing Director of AquiRIS.

Prices for expansion packages by platform:

  • PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S and Nintendo Switch: BRL 29.90
  • Epic Game Store, Nuuvem and Steam: BRL 28.90
  • Apple App Store and Google Play Store: BRL 27.90

I will begin this text with a reflection on national games. In general, it bothers me these days when it comes to Brazilian games that they ALWAYS talk about the same games, someone will talk about Chroma Squad or Legend of the Hero or a game from JoyMasher or even this shit from Mineirinho.

Yes, the above games came from that niche and had some notoriety in the mainstream gaming media, either because the creator is a fucking asshole or threatened Saban with a lawsuit or Youtubers were involved or the creator staged hidden girls . However. Talking about these games would be easy, but that’s not the mindset here at The Woo Archives.

Here we believe that every game can have its review room, no matter what it is, be it an AAA or an Indie, an Eroge, from Brazil or Russia. If we are in control of the game and can write about it, we will. Sometimes, for one reason or another, it just takes a little longer.

For example, today’s review is of a game that was released some time ago but with so much game in hand and I’ve spent part of the last month reviewing Rick Riordan’s Half Bloods series (the 15 books including the 5 by Percy Jackson, the 5 of the Heroes of Olympus and the 5 of the Trials of Apollo) simply because I was in the mood (and because I do it at least once a year) the review just came out. Anyway, the game we’re going to talk about today is Super Hiking League DX, which was recently released for PC and consoles.

Is your investment worth it?

It’s time to save the world (or the mountains) from a liberal Earthman

You’re in yours, riding in your speedboat (which is like a car) when you run into a weird hooded guy (is he a refugee from Assassin’s Creed? A Death Eater? A member of the Ministry of Darkness? An idiot who decides did you go out with a sheet over your head?). This guy was floating and with the help of a crystal he simply makes an island disappear.

The strange being says that these crystals have the power to turn any building, mountain, or island into a flat place, and intends to do the same with the rest of the world.

What is the reason? I don’t know, maybe he’s an earth person or doesn’t like mountains. Before the hooded man is out of reach, you follow him through a portal created by the crystal.

Now you have to get the crystals back before the shadows of the hooded earthman catch them.

Let’s climb and duel, but mostly climb

Super hiking league DX

Super Hiking League DX is the updated version of the Super Hiking League, which was mainly released in February 2020. What are the changes from the original? Additional stages, new color palettes for the trackers, new rope controls, more balanced AI on the easy level of difficulty and the easy level of difficulty itself.

The game is very simple, you have to climb the mountain before your opponent does. That’s all. For this you have to use your skills, of course, whether jumping, attacking monsters (or dropping your opponent) and of course the biggest attraction of the game, the rope, which works with physics similar to bungee jump.

There are points where you can play the rope and then get a boost depending on the type of rope control, with Automatic the game makes the boosts automatic, Mixed is a mix of Automatic and Advanced, and in Advanced you can choose when to to release the rope. This is important in order to get as much boost as possible, especially in the later stages of the game.

It seems a little tricky to explain in words, but if you play you will understand exactly what I mean.

At first glance, the game screen may seem a little tricky because regardless of whether you are playing with one or two players, the screen will be shared with your point of view and that of your opponent.

The game works simple but is addicting and the rapid pace makes it ideal for speed runs and matches with friends. However, the progressive difficulty of the game can generate a lot of curses, either with a jump or a wrong rope, or if the opponent’s son of a bitch hits you when you want to make that jump.

But at the same time the question of difficulty is subjective, because there are some later mountains that are easier than the ones before … Or maybe it’s just me after a difficult phase because I have improved my reflexes. I prefer to think of the first alternative.

In some mountains there are a lot of little things that make them more difficult like water environments, ropes for hanging, elevators, rope points that recharge after a few uses.

However, not everything is perfect. First, we have Versus and Race modes which are basically the same, and that’s not just me talking about. And more importantly, at least on the PS4 version (if that just happens to me, I don’t know), the game just crashes after finishing a mountain in the Time Trial.

And back to the positive, the game has the greatest national hero, the icon of the Brazilian games and the entertainment legend as unlockable … Czech, with his skateboard straight from the Czech Skatemasta. This isn’t the first Czech cameo in a QUByte game as there is also a cameo in Savage Halloween (cool game you should play), and as you know these cameos mean only one thing …

Confirmed in Czech on AEW. No wait. Third Czech game released by QUByte confirmed. You heard it here first. Do not tell anyone.

And besides the main character and Czech, there are other characters, including a character very similar to the protagonist of Super Pitfall (whom the creators of the Super Hiking League romhacked), but they can only be used in Versus / Race and Team modes will . 1

I want to buy the composer bread with bologna

The graphics part of Super Hiking League DX is quite knowledgeable, with nice NES-style sprites and very colorful. The same applies to the scenes, colorful and with different effects. But the biggest highlight of the game’s art department is the game’s soundtrack.

The game’s chiptune songs are chewing gum-like songs that stick in your head. As I once commented on the stream, the biggest compliment I can give a composer is: “I want to buy him a loaf of Bologna.”

Reach the top and get yours now

Super Hiking League DX can be frustrating halfway through, but nonetheless, it’s a game made for fun (especially when compared) and the console would be a surefire recommendation if it weren’t for the time trial crash. Otherwise, you can buy without fear.

The game is available for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One and this review was made with a copy kindly provided by QUByte.

On Xbox, our mission is simple: to bring the joy and feeling of being part of the gaming community to everyone in the world. To achieve this goal, we want to make sure everyone can have fun with the games they want, where and with who they want.

We are building a future that combines the legacy of Xbox games with the power of Azure. A future where we bring immersive high fidelity gaming to over 3 billion players around the world.

Right now we’re taking another step towards realizing this vision: Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be rolled out this Thursday (30th) at 3:00 p.m. GMT in Brazil and Mexico October, as announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

With this version, players from each of these countries will be able to play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles that are cloud-enabled and localized to the countries that support Windows PCs, Android or iOS phones and tablets.

This means that players can continue their Gears 5 campaign on an entry-level model with no gamer settings, switch to a Sea of ​​Thieves game with a friend using just an iOS phone, or try a new title on a tablet Android . Players from these countries can also play the most anticipated Game Pass titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Back 4 Blood straight from the cloud.

With the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming to include players in Brazil, Australia, Japan and Mexico, we are giving more than 1 billion people in 26 countries on five continents the opportunity to play Xbox Game Pass titles from the cloud on their phones, tablets and PCs Cloud gaming works from custom Xbox Series X consoles, it means these games can be played on an Xbox in the cloud, which offers faster load times and improved frame rates for the gaming experience.

While cloud gaming supports a wide variety of controllers, we also want to make sure that all players feel welcome or can play without a controller. To this end, we have built in touch control support in selected games such as Minecraft Dungeons and Hades, and in other games that will eventually receive touch control support.

The journey to bring cloud gaming to these four new countries has been a real partnership with the community. When we auditioned through our preview program, we learned a lot from the participating players.

Thanks to players in Brazil who populated our cloud gaming servers before we announced our preview version and players in Mexico who made Gears 5 our most played game during the preview.

In Australia and Japan it was amazing to see touch control reception in Minecraft Dungeons. Without this partnership we just wouldn’t be here today, thank you.

To learn more about Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and how to get started, visit

SNK brings two new games to Steam and an update for the KOF ’98 UM Final Edition

SNK CORPORATION (Headquarters: Suita, Osaka, Japan, CEO: Kenji Matsubara) proudly announces that NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Steam Edition and SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium is now available on Steam.

Additionally, another SNK title in the Steam library, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, will receive a major update this winter with Code Mystics’ online netcode rollback for epic battles around the world.

NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Steam Edition

The NEOGEO Pocket Color Dream Collection with 10 classics that defined the handheld is coming to Steam!

  • View 3D models of games and their cartridges. Zoom in and take a look around!
  • Of course, titles compatible with NEOGEO Pocket can also be displayed in monochrome mode!
  • There is local 2 player co-op, so invite a friend over and play all night! (not available for some titles)

This selection includes the following games:

  • THE LAST BLADE: Beyond Fate
  • DARK ARMS Beast Buster 1999

* Note: The titles included may differ from NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 on Nintendo Switch.


  • Title : NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Steam Edition
  • Gender: Combat / Action / Sports
  • Platform: steam
  • Release DATE: September 30, 2021
  • Price: R $ 99.99
  • Players: 1 to 2 players
  • ESRB: teenagers
  • Official website:

SNK vs. Capcom: The game of the millennium

In 1999, SNK and Capcom brought their best fighters together for a fantastic fighting game!

  • A total of 26 fighters from killer series such as KOF, SAMURAI SHODOWN, STREET FIGHTER and DARKSTALKERS face each other in exciting battles!
  • Choose between individual, tag or team-based combat modes! There are also three different fighting styles to choose from!
  • What’s a fighting game without survival, time attack and mini games to keep you busy between fights? Collect points and unlock hidden characters!
  • Local 2 player co-op, so invite a friend over and play all night!


  • Title: SNK vs. Capcom: The Game of the Millennium
  • Genre: fight
  • Platform: steam
  • Release DATE: September 30, 2021
  • Price: BRL 19.99
  • Players: 1 to 2 players
  • ESRB: teenagers
  • Official website:

SNK brings two new additions to Steam and an upcoming update for the KOF ’98 UM Final Edition

    KOF '98 UM Final Edition

Hold on tight because a major update (including netcode rollback) for The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is coming to Steam this American winter!

Details on the Βeta test will follow shortly, stay tuned!

I’m honest, as a game developer (albeit a hobbyist) I love game jams.

In a way, they stimulate our creativity and prepare us for things that are common in the gaming industry: tight deadlines, specific topics and few resources. Of course, the first JAM I took part in wasn’t that tight or had so little time to develop, but the low-resource part was very real.

In any case, I took part in a JAM (Finally Finish Something) at the beginning of 2017 and developed the first version of Wrestling & Romance during this time. While the game itself isn’t a big deal (a simple visual novel), that’s where I started writing more seriously until I published 3 books on Amazon.

READ – Omega Mask | A journey of blood, sweat and nights that go to sleep at 5 a.m.

But we’re not here to talk about myself because I give a shit about it. The fact is that the game in this analysis also emerged from a Game Jam, in this specific case a game that emerged from Game Jaaj, that is a Game Jam by Youtuber Amdré Young, which not only comes from Game Jam, but also won the fourth edition. However, in the time between Game Jaaj 4 and the release of the final game, Yugo Anzai released another game that we talked about here a while ago, in this case the 112th seed puzzle released by EastAsiaSoft for consoles.

Welcome Back didn’t hit Steam until October and is it worth it?

You died. Time for reincarnation

You’re an aspiring programmer working on something at a game jam, the person you care about is worried about telling you that you need a break. You don’t rest until you suddenly have a heart attack and die. End. No, seriously, you died. Really go away, the text is over.

Don’t you have

Okay, but you actually died. And now you may be wondering. “Why does this fat man refer to the playable character as ‘You’?” The answer is clear, young man. You choose your character’s name and the name of the person you like. Girlfriend, wife, the girl you had a crush on in high school but never said anything because of your excessive shyness and fear, it doesn’t matter. You died.

However, God, or rather GOD (yes, in Caps) in all his wickedness says that you have a chance to reincarnate. But in order to be born again, your soul must be reborn in five different animals and go through trials that will make it worthy of being human again.

ALSO READ: 112.Seeds | The seed of redemption

So between jokes with GOD and bad jokes, it is time to face the task of reincarnation, even if you have to use your brain to do it.

Your enemies are your weapons … literally

The game was developed for Game Jaaj 4, the theme of which was, Your enemies are your weapons, and that’s the root of Welcome Back’s gameplay, but it’s not just about learning how the game works, because like I said, it is are five steps to reincarnation and each stage has a completely different gameplay than the other without using the theme of enemies as weapons.

In one step you can absorb some enemies (half a la Kirby) and throw them at thorns (or other enemies), in one you have to move two characters at the same time (with WASD and arrow keys), in another you have to move two characters at the same time ( using WASD and arrow keys) uses webs to pass the obstacles and the spiders collide with each other, in one you hit the enemies in a car scroller against the thorns and in the fifth step, you can freeze the enemies and use them as a platform (and other enemies kill if frozen enemy lands on them after using them as platform).

GO WATCH – Cyberpunk 2077 – Part 11: Help friends

Each level has a series of levels of increasing difficulty (but not that difficult), and in some levels there are some green crystals that GOD says you should ignore that you don’t have to take (which in video game terms means you are YOU HAVE TO CATCH).

Just like with 112th Seed, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of how the game works and make it to the end of the fifth area. And this is where another thing about the game comes in, the multiple endings. You can choose to follow GOD’S commands and not use the green crystals, or you can, just like Hitoshura in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Disobey GOD, use the green crystals to …

We are entering a new phase in which we have to face GOD, who has the help of spaceships. This is where the actual puzzle elements of the game come into play, but still in the “Enemies as Weapons” theme. GOD has ships that came out of a shooter and you need to position the crystals so that they ricochet off the ships’ shots in order for them to hit GOD.

The crystals can either be a square or a diamond and that interferes with the angle the bullets are hit at so there will be a lot of trial and error (I make it look dramatic, I know, but that’s because I am really stupid), I calmly and calculatingly say that.

Simple, clean look

Welcome Back’s pixel art is simple, and the game may even use too much blue for my tastes (hey, I need space to play my jokes), but that doesn’t have to mean something bad.

Each stage of reincarnation brings not only unique mechanics, but also unique elements. You won’t see enemies repeating from one phase to another even if we control a school of fish (which only has 2 phases). Enemies are unique in relation to others.

The sound part of the game only serves as a complement to the game mechanics, is not necessarily bad, but not the kind of music that sticks in your head. I know when I talk about music I’m straight and I don’t say a lot, but I’m usually not easily impressed in THIS department.

final judgment

Considering this is a short game that was (originally) made for a game jam in two weeks (originally), Welcome Back offers a solid and creative gaming experience that is worth every minute played (except for the part where I was in phase 4 of the first reincarnation thought I had to kill all enemies and not just the ones with the little star glow around them, this part of my playthrough was too stupid even for my standards). So, if the opportunity arises (and money allows it), I recommend buying the game without thinking twice.

Welcome back is available for PC.

This analysis was carried out using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Slider Games

Follow Sophie Neuenmüller on a new adventure in the dream world of Earth Cradle

Today KOEI TECMO America and developer GUST Studios announced a new chapter in their exciting Atelier series: Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream. The latest entry in the series follows the popular alchemist Sophie Neuenmüller right after her adventures in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book 2016.

The new title is currently being developed on Steam for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Computer Entertainment System and Windows PC and is slated for release across North America on February 25, 2022.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream continues the story of Sophie and Plachta’s many adventures. After leaving Sophie’s hometown Kirchen Bell, the couple discovers a giant tree identical to one that Plachta saw in a dream, and as they get closer, a mysterious vortex draws them in.

Sophie wakes up alone in a strange new world called Earth Cradle, and it doesn’t take long before she hears from an alchemist named Plachta, who lives on the outskirts. When Sophie arrives at the studio, she surprisingly meets a young alchemy enthusiast named Plachta, and although the alchemist shares her friend’s name, she does not recognize Sophie.

What other surprises can Sophie expect on this trip? As the adventure progresses, Sophie meets the aspiring alchemist Ramizel Erlenmeyer, who volunteers to help her in her need.

The narrative unfolds elegantly in a bewitching new visual style that combines the art of the mysterious sub-series with the high quality graphics and animation of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairyde 2021.

On her journey to find her missing friend, Sophie must fight the many monsters that inhabit the land of Earth Cradle. As soon as players encounter an enemy on the field, the battle begins instantly with no load times or separate screens – one row first – so the battles can flow seamlessly.

Additionally, combat groups now consist of six members, three in the front and three in the back, to form two teams that work together in turn-based, multi-linked battles. This new combat system opens up a variety of exciting combat strategies that players can use to eliminate their enemies.

As with previous entries in the Atelier series, alchemy plays a major role in Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream. The game is based on the panel synthesis system introduced in the Mysterious sub-series, which involves placing materials in the panel slots to create new items.

The game allows both aspirants and skilled alchemists to synthesize items in a way that is comfortable for them, thanks to two different types of panels – normal panels make it easier to create items, while restricted panels are complex to master, but allow items with more powerful effects synthesized.

To celebrate the latest edition of the Atelier Sophie franchise, KOEI TECMO America is offering a delicious new Limited Edition of Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream, available exclusively through the NISA online store. This must-have version of the game includes an art book, a luxurious cloth poster, a key ring, a bonus background music CD and an exclusive DLC costume, all packed in a beautiful collector’s box.

You can find more information about Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream on the official website and on the Facebook page with “Like” and on @ on Twitter @KoeiTecmoUS.