I’m bad when it comes to fighting games, but I still love games like Mortal Kombat and co. It’s a genre I usually play when I just want to turn off my brain and push a few buttons and grind the AI ​​uncompromisingly .

Because of this, I came across many little-known games, some even relatively popular, others not so much. It’s just titles that I was in contact with that kind of really amused me at the time so the list is based on my memories, many of those listed have certainly aged well or badly so let’s be honest.

Let’s start with one I’ve played and loved a lot on PlayStation:


BIO FREAKS I had contact at the height of the PlayStation and spent good hours with it, mainly because of its aerial and long-range combat. But the icing on the cake here is the fact that we can dismember opponents during combat and even kill them instantly when we land the killing blow.

This ability to perform fatalities brings us to an interesting point since they usually title it Mortal Kombat clone, which I somewhat disagree with. He tries in his own way to break free and have his own face, but he doesn’t have a slow fight compared to MK.

In the game, each character represents a mega-corporation that decides to resolve their territorial differences in a bloody duel with genetically engineered characters. Well, who said you need a complex story to spill blood and guts all over?

It might not be the prettiest game you’ll find in the 32-bit generation library, but it certainly comes close, but I think it deserves a list among the 5 bad fighting games that I like


5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

Destrega is a little-known PlayStation exclusive, and those who’ve played it can have a hard time deciding if it’s good or bad. I particularly like it and even played it during a live recently and suffered a bit because of its “different” combat system.

It was developed by KOEI (now KOEI TECMO) and wanted to take a different path from other fighting games of the time by focusing more on strategic combat, where each one shoots some kind of magic and can be loaded and even allow combos.

And if the game surprises with this different gameplay, in the end it crowds out those who only want to exchange blows without working out many strategies, after all it is an arena game in which the enemy moves all the time long and short attacks and even dominates the game. The fight takes time.

Its story mode is interesting and even has competent CGI for the time, but it suffers from not being able to skip cutscenes. You have to see the whole story, which isn’t bad, but if you’ve already seen it, why watch it again, right?

It’s worth getting to know Destrega and spending a few hours with his fun magical attack system.

Clay Fighter 63 ⅓ | N64

5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

ClayFighter was born on the Super Nintendo and wasn’t a good game even there. When the third game came out on the Nintendo 64, it caught my attention, but unfortunately I didn’t have access to the platform at the time. I didn’t know anyone who had the game.

Anyway, many years later, exactly two years ago, I got a copy of the game and went there to play. I’ve come across a game that improves little in controls compared to its predecessor, but is much more playable and has a combo system, in addition to the inclusion of Claytalities.

The Super Nintendo version drew me in more because of the stop motion format and cartoon characters, but it had terrible gameplay. The history there was as deep as a saucer.

On the other hand, ClayFighter 63 ⅓ isn’t fun and you can easily spend a few good hours with it. We don’t have good gameplay, but at least you can say that it’s playable now. And the fact that earthworm Jim and janitor Boogerman are added adds some value to the brawl.

primal fury | SNES

5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

I’m going to be very direct about Primal Rage here, the reason I like it has more to do with nostalgia.

There is very little I can do in the game these days, but I still feel compelled to keep coming back to the game just to try. Once again the fact of the stop motion draws me in alongside the obvious violence, after all they are huge creatures fighting over who will be king.

The nostalgia factor is also in the whole list, but this one I really want to learn enough to finish one day. The controls are difficult to learn, making the experience more difficult but not impossible.

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls | MEGA DRIVE

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Fall isn’t the prettiest diamond in the Super Nintendo library, but it certainly isn’t just a useless lump of coal.

Inspired by that horrific 1993 animation, the game sets aside the beat ’em up that inaugurated the franchise to try and ride the then-booming Street Fighter wave.

A right decision? Deserves to be on this list of 5 Bad Fighting Games I Like?

Look, I still have my doubts to this day, but in any case, it delivered an odd game with somewhat harsh gameplay, but playable. It even uses elements not common in the franchise, like fatalities that can be performed by the characters, in addition to an adult theme, especially in the Mega Drive version.

My experience with the title isn’t the best, but I played it a lot with my brother growing up, so I have some affection.

Honorable Mention: Master of Combat | master system

Masters of Combat isn’t bad, in fact I think it’s very good and I’ve played it a lot on the Master System. Incidentally, I had direct access to one of the first fighting games, I have a history with SEGA’s 8-bit console.

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With only four characters, the game manages to deliver good gameplay for the player who has two-button controls. Damn, this is almost a miracle. I’ll even recommend reading a text from my friends on the QG Master blog about the game.

I have fond memories of the title and consider it an obscure gem in the Master System library.

Well, that’s it, those were 5 Bad Fighting Games I Like But Maybe You’ll Like Them Too. Comment below on some of the games considered bad but you love them.

Today’s story begins in one of the most random moments possible. I was bored on a Saturday night browsing PSN (You can’t imagine how much crap there is but “Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t meet our quality standards”, OK Sony we pretend to believe your shit. .. ). free games and i stumble upon this review’s game and well it’s free right?

And well, educational games are mostly not fun. Of course, there are exceptions like the Carmen Sandiego franchise and Oregon Trail (which, while not having the same reach here in Brazil, is considered a cult classic in the US), but typically educational games tend to be extremely awkward to teach and without fun to have. And children are not the most patient people in the world.

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However, Scottish studio Stormcloud Games (responsible for [email protected], PS4/PC) was tasked with developing a game aimed at children who would grow up, on behalf of National Westminster Bank, one of the largest banks in the UK Aware of the environment, save money and taxes without looking stupid as a result. And so Island Saver was born.

Did he comply with the suggestion?

garbage man of the island

You’re a bionaut and you’ve arrived on the Isles of the Smart with a mission: clean up the shop, because the place is dirtier than the Brazilian streets the day after the election. There’s not only dirt everywhere, but also goo that looks like something out of Mario Sunshine.

Cleaning must be done so that the animals that fled from dirt can return to the island. It’s not the most original premise in the world, basically we’re a glorified garbage man.

I person… Cleaner?

Island Saver is a first-person game that mixes a bit of financial management and first-person shooter. His only weapon has two functions, sucking and shooting, you can use sucking to suck up money, water, garbage, food, taxes, among others.

The goals of the game are simple, clean an area, vacuum the garbage and wash the slime residue to attract the animals. When the animals have consumed enough food, suck up the coins and the pet is free (because animals have coin slots like piggy banks).

island rescuer

Pieces of rubbish are thrown into appropriate bins, separated into plastic, metal and glass, reminding of the importance of recycling (every 10 pieces of rubbish in the bin gives you a coin). 20As you progress, the game gradually becomes a little more complex as taxes, plants and trash animals are added.

Garbage bugs are the game’s enemies that seem to be smearing the place again and need to be eliminated with water shots. They don’t pose much of a threat but will lengthen the game session a bit, especially the Mega Garbage Beasts, which take multiple shots to destroy.

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Most things work though… Character movement isn’t always the best, often you’ll fall in the platforming sections because the physics are a bit slippery. And on the three maps in the game you do the same things, introducing small things here and there, but by the end of the game you will be tired because you have repeated the scheme of picking up garbage, clearing places, creatures from the garbage defeat, collect money, buy things, pay off loans, use taxes to build things, use the money exchange machine, go from one corner of the map to another, look for the hidden eggs and the game seems to take longer than it should.

Yes, it’s a three-map single-player campaign that seems to go on forever. But if I can point to anything positive, it is something I expected and NOT. One of the big dangers of a game with a child target group are the notorious microtransactions (Fortnite, I’m looking at you). Island Saver doesn’t have them.

Of course, if you enjoy the game, you can pay $5 each for the two additional cards, and that’s it. I’m glad these DLC maps are optional because the game feels longer than it is.

colorful and cute

Without a doubt, Island Saver is a beautiful game. It’s not the most outstanding game, but considering that it’s a free and educational game, it does its job visually well. The scenarios are flashy, lively and the characters are reasonably well animated.

Obviously nothing huge compared to great games, but if you want to draw attention to the colors and mood, Island Saver has nailed it with the cartoon look.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the game’s soundtrack, which is far from memorable. And the sound effects are simple but unforgettable.

A good first FPS for kids who stumble over their own ambition

As an educational game, Island Saver fulfills its role, teaching some basic things about financial planning, environmental protection, and even charity through its own mechanics. However, perhaps the need to expand the gameplay made the game longer than it should have been. If it were smaller islands and like five or six stages, maybe the game wouldn’t be so tiring.

Not to mention doing the same thing on one island and doing the same thing on the next and the next somewhat diminishes the value of the experience. As the first FPS for kids, Island Saver is competent, but don’t expect anything revolutionary or overwhelming.

But anyone who takes it just has to get 100% of the achievements (which can basically be achieved by beating the game) and never touch the game again as it doesn’t provide any incentive to replay.

Island Saver is free and available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. The analysis was based on the Playstation 4 version.

Many times when buying a game you must have thought, “Is it worth the relationship between?”. This has crossed our mind at one point or another, especially as games continue to grow. And this is particularly intensified on PlayStation, where SONY seems to live in a world other than its own.

But well, life goes on and here we still have to analyze a game, Apple Slash, which after its release for PC finally.

Is he worth it?

time to explore

Okay, time to stop the joke. But if you read the rest of the review you will understand what I meant by the title of the article and the incomplete sentences in the first two paragraphs.

The point is that STRANGE CREATURES have invaded the place you live and since your brother is good for nothing, it’s up to you to investigate.

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The game doesn’t offer much in the narrative department, but what we’re given is that this is the beginning of an adventure. But do you know the sentences that are shortened before the end? That’s the feeling the game gives, when you defeat the boss, the game looks like a great adventure is about to begin… And then the credits appear. And that was kind of annoying if you want my opinion.

Hot combat, semi-linear exploration

Apple slash

The gameplay of Apple Slash is very easy to learn, you have a crosshair controlled by the right analog stick that tells you where the character is pointing with the sword, an attack button (it is recommended to hold the button to use it to hold the attack). Defeating many enemies without taking damage will make your sword stronger and faster.

As you advance in the game, other skills will be unlocked, allowing you to attack from afar, more powerful attacks, and basic stuff to complete the journey.

Again, the game feels more like a tech demo than a full-on, because again, you have the beginning of something, and if you think something’s going to happen, it’s game over. And despite the back and forth, the game’s exploration is almost linear. And the difficulty of the game isn’t great, with the hardest part being the boss (which becomes easy once you understand the attack patterns).

There is only one secret in the game (not so secret) required for one of the trophies, reaching platinum in under an hour.

Strangely visually appealing

Apple slash

I can say that the image with white sprites and the black background made me suspicious because I remember one particular RPG that I don’t like talking about. But in the end, the limited use of colors and the well-designed sprites got me hooked.

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Even with the limitation, they lack expressiveness and are sufficiently well animated. Too bad you can’t say the same about the soundtrack. The songs at hand are technically good, but not very memorable.

a difficult purchase

Apple slash

If you want to play on PC, you can buy Apple Slash if you feel like it. The game costs less than 10 reais on Steam and is a nice game. Also the creator makes it clear that he can expand what is seen here in the future if necessary.

Now on consoles… Well, if you’ve got the money to spare and the game feels like it. But it’s a very short experience.

Apple Slash is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

This review was conducted using a digital copy of the PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Ratalaika Games.

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a new way to play Hearthstone, the critically acclaimed digital trading card game that combines RPG and roguelike elements – no decks required!

In this free-to-play game mode, players recruit and collect legendary characters from the Warcraft universe to complete randomly generated quests.

Players can combine over 50 unique mercenaries (more to come), each with three upgradable abilities and potential synergies to create countless squad combinations.

Assemble the strongest team in all of Azeroth!

  • Mighty Starter Squad: After completing the Battle and Village tutorials, all players receive eight balanced Mercenary cards.
  • Frantic Turn-Based Combat: In melee combat, players simultaneously choose their moves (actions with lower speed meters activate first) until defeating the opponent.
  • Progression: Mercenaries gain experience by defeating enemies and can reach level 30.
  • Collect Them All: Various quests and bounties will reward you with Mercenary Coins, which can be used to craft other Rare, Epic, and Legendary Mercenary Cards. New mercenaries can also be obtained from mercenary packs that contain at least one mercenary card or portrait.
  • The village is your home: In the village, the heart of the mercenaries, players can manage their collection, receive task rewards, improve buildings, fulfill contracts and much more!

Diablo has arrived at ExpendablesHearthstone Mercenaries

Diablo, the Fearlord himself, will be one of more than 50 mercenaries at launch! It’s available as part of one of three pre-order offers, each featuring a signature Blizzard character!

The Mercenaries – Diablo Pre-Order Offer includes a Diablo Diamond Legendary Mercenary Card and 50 Mercenary Packs.

The Lich King Mercenary Pre-Order Offer includes a Legendary Diamond Lich King Mercenary Card and 50 Mercenary Packs. The Mercenaries – Sylvanas Pre-Order Offer includes a Gold Legendary Sylvanas Mercenary Card and 30 Mercenary Packs.

Diablo, the Lich King, and Sylvanas can also be obtained in-game through Mercenary Packs and the crafting system without purchasing these offerings.

Secure the Sarge mount in WOW and more

Hearthstone Mercenaries

Sarge, the most famous mouse in the tavern, comes to World of Warcraft. Complete the Mercenary Prologue and start your first bounty to earn the Hearthstone Sarge mount.

Additionally, players will receive an avalanche of goodies, including Mercenary Packs, upon purchasing a 6-month WoW subscription! The subscription offer is only valid until October 19, 2021.

There are some strange phenomena when it comes to me and video games. Be the fact that I almost always start a series of games with the second title (Sonic, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Double Dragon, Adventure Island.

Whether for some reason skipping books in a series due to their unavailability at the moment (To date I don’t have books 2, 4 and 6 of the Artemis Fowl series just as I skipped the second book by Percy Jackson because I could couldn’t find it in the newsagent where I bought books at Shopping Méier – I later bought this one.)

And look, the same thing happened to Sakura Succubus. I didn’t play the first game, I got a key from the second one, but… I didn’t play the third one. However, recently Sakura Succubus 4 was released for consoles and I had the opportunity to play it. is he worth your time

Check with us in the rating.

Summer is here, t-shirt and flip-flops, I mean vacation with your harem

After a turbulent time in the Succubi Empire, she had returned to the Empire thanks to Yue, the regent there (and our protagonist Hiroki Ogasawara’s first girlfriend, who mysteriously disappeared) and had never told him of her identity a Succubus to the events from Sakura Succubus 3), our hero Hiroki needs a vacation. And thanks to his connections (notably to the resident idol and Tsundere Ayu), he’ll spend a week in a luxurious home on Ayu’s private island.

And of course, his girlfriends include Cosmos (the e-girl), Ayu, Marina Wakatsuki (the businesswoman), Hifumi Yamamoto (the successful actress) and Hazel Williams (the famous tennis player). Yue couldn’t come because of her obligations as ruler of the Succubi Empire.

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For a week, Hiroki has the chance to teach Cosmos to swim, play sports with Hazel, and more from pillow fights to dares. In the process, Hiroki gets to know his companions better.

Although it doesn’t have the same impact as the second game in terms of script, Sakura Succubus 4’s storyline is cohesive and shows a different side of the characters.

Yue, for example, who has proven to have a poor sense of direction as the ruler of a kingdom, Marina, who despite appearing mature and a little sadistic, is afraid of ghosts, and Hiroki himself, who is stupid and pays attention to everyone except Ayu , who finally admitted the feelings she was hiding (very bad, by the way).

Choices only matter for trophies

Sakura succubus 4

Again, I’ve written enough about visual novels for you to know how they work. That said, just like in Sakura Succubus 2, the choices you make don’t affect the ending, but they can result in CGs and be related to the game’s trophies.

Obviously, since we’re talking about visual novels on consoles, the adult content has been removed (although there are mentions), but there are times when well… you’re getting pretty close. I don’t know which direction Sakura Succubus will go when there is a fifth title.

Introducing some waifu? A more urban adventure? They are possibilities.

And one thing that always makes me happy when I see it is the way it mentions other games in the Sakura series. Just as there is a reference to Sakura Beach in Sakura Agent (the hero simply accidentally opens a portal to another dimension where the two characters from Sakura Beach are on the other side, on the beach), here we have a mention of Sakura Sadist, a visual novel Yuri. And I’m still waiting for the Sakura series fighting game.

colorful and alive

Sakura succubus 4

Sakura Succubus 4’s sprites and CGs are very well done, and again the work of Spaniard Wanaca.

Anyone familiar with the workings of Winged Cloud will recognize the familiar feature. Here the characters have at least one clothing option related to the beach theme, they’re pleasing to look at and by the way, I know harem protagonists should treat their waifus as equals, but I can’t.

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Marina is absolute top class, please step on me, sit on my face and do unchristian things at night. Yes, Marina exudes sex appeal AT THAT POINT.

The game’s backgrounds are well done and fit well with the sprites, keeping the look nice and harmonious (something not often found in many western visual novels).

The game’s soundtrack is equally appealing, giving a tone that the world really exists and isn’t just a fiction. Mind you, these aren’t melodies that get stuck in your head, but they are good songs that fulfill the role of accompaniment.

Only buy if you have played the previous ones

Sakura succubus 4

This is an obvious but safe conclusion. If you’ve played the previous games in the series, Sakura Succubus 4 is a must-try, but people who haven’t played the previous games or aren’t interested in visual novels would hardly see the point (or appeal) of playing the fourth game in a row.

Sakura Succubus 4 is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in addition to the original PC version.

This analysis was performed using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Gamuzumi.

Carol Docha, a resident of Paulínia, will contest matches with Spider Kong, Rodrigol and Rafifa

Tomorrow (September 7) at 8 p.m. the first FIFA 21 MD3 (Best of Three) Challenge will take place between members of Galáticos da ALE and Twitch streamers. The eSportswoman Carol Docha, who lives in Paulínia (SP), was voted in a vote taken during the first match of the show on the channel ALEcombustíveis ( on 31 March 2019 in the presence of the musician Marcelo D2 and the digital influencer Allan Rodrigues , known as “O Estagiário”. Watch the best moments from the first live at

To apply for participation in the project, Carol posted a video of a goal in a FIFA game on Twitter with the hashtag galaticosale ( If she wins or ties two of the three games played with the team at Galactics – consisting of pro players Spider Kong, Rodrigol and Rafifa – she will receive 10,000 Bits (virtual currency used to purchase exclusive rewards on to redeem the platform).

Carol Docha

Carol, who is also a proplayer and streamer, says she is very excited and looking forward to the dispute with the Galactics ALE. “I thought this project was really cool and innovative, since it gives us who were in the chat the possibility to also participate in the event to fit into the team,” explains the challenger, who is a fan of Rodrigol and follows the idol on twitch. Discussing the female presence in the eSports universe, Carol reveals that “as a woman, having this opportunity and being part of the challenge is very representative”.

“Confronting big players is one of the most interesting aspects of our project. This can open doors for those who are just starting out in the field and for those who want to play with idols in eSports. To draw an analogy, it’s like a soccer player having a chance to compete with a star like Neymar. It’s a lot of fun for viewers and players alike,” says Manabi Garzon, ALE’s Marketing Manager.

To commentate the matches, ALE has selected a strong team: the Casters team consists of narrators and commentators Paulo Bonfá and Marco Bianchi (a duo associated with the extinct RockGol, a football championship played by musicians and intermittently broadcast on MTV Brasil, who shaped a generation in 1995 and 2008) and by players Fillipe “BT0” Moreno and Thamires Ferrara. The actions of the project are complemented by the “Resenha ALE”, where the players “chat” with the audience during the live broadcasts, and the “Escolinha ALE”, with tips from the pro players on how to get along in the games, main movements and everything what is needed to grow in this universe.

At the end of the dispute on September 7th, the next challenger will be chosen for the Games on the 14th. To enter, you must post a move on Twitter and tag #galaticosale. Those who follow the games will also be entered into a prize draw for gifts including t-shirts and FIFA 22 games.

About ALE

ALE, which will conclude its 25-year operation in 2021, is the country’s fourth-largest fuel distributor with a network of approximately 1,500 service stations and 6,500 active customers in 21 states and the federal district. The company creates around 12,000 direct and indirect jobs.

For resellers, the company offers differences such as Clube ALE and Livelo (relationships and rewards), the partnership with Moove to supply Mobil-branded lubricants, the Academia Corporativa ALE (training and qualification), the Ligados na Qualidade program (fuel certification), the Entreposto Convenience Stores (EP) and the ALE Express Automotive Service units. For more information, visit

At this point in the league, the end of the year meme text with games played/completed is pretty big, at least for me. The list goes slightly over 200. With 4 months to the end of the year, I’m wondering if I’ll reach 300 completed games.

Well, we work for it.

And with so many games coming out, so many games being played, some games end up missing out on us if it weren’t for the opportunities that some publishers are giving us. One of those games was Omno, which came out in July, but it’s only now that I’ve finally been able to check it out.

Is it worth your time and money? Check it out in our review.

A journey in search of the past to lead to the future

You’re a character with no specific name (I call him Florencio) who woke up one day and decided to go into the light, whatever that was. So he took his stick, I mean staff, his pet, and began a pilgrimage worthy of Hermanotheus of Pentecost, son of Oolonea and brother of Mycalateia…


Anyway, only this will be a long journey on which he will cross forests, deserts, tundras and even the sky. During this journey, our friend Florêncio will find a multitude of creatures that will help or hinder him depending on the situation, and references to someone who has already made the journey and left his notes.

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This solo journey idea reminded me a bit of Journey, a game that is adored by many but which I honestly found quite boring. And that made me nervous.

Luckily, there’s only similarity to Journey in that department.

Develop and advance at your own pace


It may seem contradictory, but while there’s plenty to do in Omno, there’s nothing to do. If you want you just have to take the 3 orbs that open the way to the next level and continue like this until the end. Or you can find the previous pilgrim texts, fill in the catalog of creatures of the world, complete 100% of the level, nothing will stop you.

The game works as a hybrid of a 3D platformer with a puzzle. You have an open environment to put the balls in the right order and at first you don’t have to do much in terms of controls except use the radar that shows the direction of the most important things in the level.

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As you progress, other skills will be unlocked, adding variety to the gameplay and making your playthrough more enjoyable. And of course the puzzles pop up and get more complicated later, but it still won’t be a long playthrough and it’s possible to complete the game in about three or four hours.

Honestly, for the kind of game Omno proposes, it’s the ideal length. If it went 2 or 3 hours longer, the game would stretch unnecessarily (like 2016’s Ratchet & Clank artificial difficulty, which is the idea of ​​difficulty: “multiple waves of enemies”).

Art style is not my thing


Graphically the game isn’t bad, but I don’t like the art direction of the game… Okay, I didn’t like Florencio’s design.


However, the game’s scenarios are beautiful, and the game cleverly disguises burdens such as B. Transitions between topics.

The variety of themes presented, with desert, forest, snow and creatures present in the game being versions that are similar but not very similar to real animals, makes the game feel familiar and alien at the same time.

I’ll be honest, for this review I had to go to YouTube to listen to the game’s soundtrack for a reason. During my playthrough I was basically on mute as my headset (RIP) was in the last few days and I could barely hear the in-game music.

Despite this, the game has the soundtrack you’d expect from a relaxing game, which really suits the atmosphere of the game, even though the themes are very similar.

If Journey were cool, it would be called Omno


Omno may not be a unique experience, but it is an excellent solitary and touching journey.

It can be done in an afternoon, but it’s one of those games that you can try and play at your own pace. It won’t be for everyone (especially if you’re one of those FPS types), but if the opportunity arises, play Omno.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One (available via Game Pass) and Nintendo Switch.

This analysis was performed using a digital copy of PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Future Friends Games.

When playing or at least watching many games of a person/producer, details are often already noticeable. Like Capcom’s beat ’em ups on the SNES have a 3 opponent limit at a time, Makoto Uchida’s games have a strong Hollywood influence, or Dennis Ferreira’s games are an absolute disaster.

Among the games with common elements, I could mention the games from Juliano Lima, a Brazilian developer.

Though they often belong to different genres, you’ll find commonalities that you’ll be sure of, even if you don’t know they came from the same person. And one of their latest games, Barry the Bunny, has finally hit consoles.

Is he worth it?

The construction rabbit versus the jumpsuit gang

Barry is a rabbit who for some reason builds bridges to help others get home.

But your work is hampered by Empresa do Overalls (since the game has Portuguese language I use the terms there), a bunch of animals that wear clothes and are 16 times bigger than you and whose job is to destroy bridges.

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It’s now up to Barry to rebuild the bridges, save the rabbits and stop the Overalls Company/Gang, but his work will be long.

Obviously, just like Juliano’s other games, the script is just an excuse for you to play the game, and that’s enough in an arcade-style game. I often prefer that to the game that says nothing.

Platformer full of gimmicks

Barry the Bunny is a simple side scroller. Go from point A to point B avoiding obstacles. At first the game starts out easy, but over time new things are added that make the game more challenging, from falling platforms to crates that are very reminiscent of Nitro and TNT crates from the Crash Bandicoot series.

But the challenge is not necessarily difficult. Of course, later stages get more challenging, that’s the idea of ​​progression, but nothing that makes you want to throw the controller at the wall.

The final boss fight is the most difficult, but a few attempts, precise jumps and a bit of luck will help you master it.

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The game has 96 levels and 4 bosses, the levels go from point A to point B, and there are obstacles and enemies to overcome. Enemies can be defeated with hatchets that you collect during stages.

Also, in each level you can collect 3 logs to build bridges. It’s not necessary to complete the game, but it’s a good extra challenge and unlocks the best ending to the game.

After every 24 levels you’ll face a boss… Which isn’t exactly a fight, basically you have to go through an obstacle course until you reach a point where the boss falls into the lava (quite Super Mario Bros style), and Although gradually you will become more demanding.

One of the game’s best tricks is not showing the character’s health bar, at least not in the traditional way.

The better the character is dressed (with a helmet, body armor and sunglasses), the more health points he has, and the way to restore them can be with the healing items found in the levels or by collecting enough carrots to get an extra hit score point. And therein lies the only difference in the difficulty selection of the game.

On easy every 25 carrots one life point, on normal a little more, otherwise the difficulty level does not change.

The game isn’t that long, at least my playthrough, saving the 96 bunnies took about an hour and forty five minutes, or at least that was the size of my vod.

A sweet and fun game to listen to

Barry the rabbit

Graphically, Barry the Bunny uses the same structure and style as Juliano’s other games, namely the four different worlds/maps and the sprites, which themselves are small, have personality and a certain charm. And the bosses have giant sprites that add a sense of danger to fighting them.

The scenarios and gameplay elements aren’t very cohesive, although some maps don’t make much sense technically, but that’s just my attempt to stretch the text a bit by being incoherent.

The songs might not be the ones that stick in your head, but they are hot and fulfill the role of packing your journey.

recommended? Yes.

Barry the rabbit

Can I recommend Barry the Bunny? Yes, it’s a short, solid game with few bugs (sometimes collision is questionable on some platforms) and fun. The game is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

This review was conducted using a digital copy of the PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Ratalaika Games.

The internet has been an increasingly divisive and aggressive place for the last, maybe ten years.

If earlier when you said you like X people were split between “okay cool” and “who cares?”, today when you say you like X automatically comes a horde accusing you of Y to hate, even if you like to mention it or Y, they will accuse you of it.

Over the years, people have become increasingly aggressive for increasingly bizarre reasons, to the point where longtime friends have struggled to have differing views.

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From time to time, both in Brazil and abroad, I see many people use the phrase “anime avatar” in a condescending tone, belittling what the other side of the discussion is saying, and this happens especially among people who did the verified sign on twitter.

But this is one of the most cowardly and unscrupulous ways to avoid a fight or even to admit a mistake.

Yes, a lot of people with anime avatars talk shit every day, but we’re on the fucking internet, people talk twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, this one even talks to you. No, I am not an advocate of truth or an example of virtue. I’m just an ordinary overweight guy who talks bullshit and has an average talent for doing some things. But I never claimed to be those things (maybe the average weight or talent, but whatever.).

I chatted on Twitter and online forums and even ended up in the police station in high school. I’ve made mistakes I wish I hadn’t made, I’ve lost (for a while) friendships I didn’t want to lose, and I’ve missed opportunities, missed opportunities I regret to have.

Basically, I’m a flawed human being, like everyone else here. If I stretched to talk about myself? It’s a little, but the fact is that “anime avatar” cannot be used as an argument to debunk a contrary opinion.

“The person just couldn’t use the anime avatar but the real photo, right?”

Possibly, but at the same time justified in not using the real photo for a variety of reasons.

There’s little real privacy on the internet these days, if we’re being honest. The big companies in the tech industry have your data in one way or another, be it because you have a phone, post relevant data on social networks, apps, etc. and they sell your data to serve personalized ads to you.

Many people prefer not to reveal real life online because things like harassment and doxing (searching for and posting personal information about someone’s life, usually with malicious intent) are common and commonly used. It’s not uncommon for many people to hide behind a pseudonym, not to remain anonymous, but because there will always be a fool who will use the person’s real details to contact work or family with malicious intent (as is often the case have you seen people lose jobs because of twitter gooseberries?).

I keep my real first and last name online because firstly I don’t have a job and my online life is separate from my personal life and secondly because that’s how I sign my books.

Anime/Game/Whatever she likes

Anime avatar

Real life is a tiring station, especially after the onset of the pandemic that has been sweeping the world since early last year.

Who here hasn’t lost a family member, acquaintance or friend because of COVID? With all this stress from reality we all need an escape be it anime, games, v-tubers, stream, whatever. (That’s one of the reasons I avoid talking about anime being analogies to politics, real life shit isn’t enough anymore, now you want to associate that shit with my escapism?

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Often this escapism presents us with characters that we identify with, I myself identify with v-tuber Minato Aqua because she has LOTS of anxiety issues and talking to strangers.

Finally, to demonstrate this identification with someone we admire, we used something in a social network avatar. It’s something simple, you like it, identify with it and want to show your friends that you like something.

I made this drawing / I commissioned this art

This is one of the things I’ve used myself. I know (I know the language, not the name) a handful of artists. And most end up using their own art as the avatar (I can cite the example of SanoBR using the Chun-Li he designed in the avatar).

Does this mean that just because their avatar is from “anime” these artists’ arguments would be invalid? That seems too lazy to argue with me.

On my own YouTube channel I use a commissioned artwork of my character in F1 2019 and for the Twitch, Discord and Facebook avatar I use a sprite I edited in GIMP.

Again, are you going to ignore anything someone says just because of their profile picture? It’s like walking in and saying, “Anyone with a verified Twitter profile is an asshole.”

It makes no sense.

Conclusion: Don’t be an arrogant idiot

I know it seems kind of obvious, but what I mean is that having an idea the opposite of yours isn’t a relatively bad thing, and disqualifying it based on the person’s avatar is something that sounds extremely arrogant.

If we all thought the same way, I don’t even want to think about what kind of reality it would be, but it would certainly be something much darker than our current world.

The idea for this article was inspired by an article of a similar name written by Pete Davison for the Moe Gamer website, but all of the reasoning presented here is mine.

There was a time when wrestling games were numerous and varied, like in the Attitude era of WWE, where you even had games from more than one manufacturer/developer, when even THQ secured exclusivity for WWE games and WCW (and ECW) died, if you had a platform, your wrestling was guaranteed to be different than someone else’s.

It went on for a couple of years and we had several games, but it cut down to the point where we were only left with Yukes games.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling games haven’t made it to the west, the Fire Pro Wrestling series has had erratic releases and EA shit on the third Def JAM. Midway and Konami even tried something but Midway was in bad shape when they released TNA Impact and the AAA game didn’t do as well as Konami hoped.

Recently, however, we’ve seen a resurgence in pro wrestling games, Spike Chunsoft renewed the Fire Pro franchise with the successful Fire Pro Wrestling World, Yuke’s decided to work on a project of its own as it was dissatisfied with only the annual WWE game (which caused 2K to terminate their contract with them, causing this train wreck called WWE 2K20), Retrosoft Studios released the cool Retromania Wrestling and relied on Arc System Works’ licensing for the release, the official sequel to WWF Wrestlefest (Retromania inspiration) One of the most anticipated games by fans is Wrestling Code, developed by the folks at Virtual Basement.

All Elite Wrestling has officially partnered with Yuke’s to develop the AEW game (which should perhaps be out sometime in 2022) and MDickie continues to develop their games, with the latest, Wrestling Empire, coming out for Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile .

And if you want to play Booker, there are still alternatives, like the Total Extreme Wrestling series (and its free clone Extreme Warfare Revenge, which I’ve even played every now and then) and Wrestling Empíre itself has a booking mode.

Anyway, the defunct company Chikara (when it was in the market) also wanted a part in this resurgence and brought Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling to PCs in 2019. However, in 2020 with the pandemic and the Speaking Out movement (where multiple wrestlers denounced abusive behavior/inappropriate sexual behavior by multiple wrestlers), the company finally closed its doors and as a result the game underwent a change and removed Chikara’s name.

Now in 2021 the game has finally made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (with the Nintendo Switch version on the way), is it worth your money?

The lack of a main mode hurts the competition

Action Arcade Wrestling does not have a story mode. Or a career mode. This is a really negative point, not because of what the game itself offers, but because of the competition when it comes to wrestling.

Wrestling Empire has an excellent career mode (light years away from WWE games), Retromania has a story mode (starring John Morrison) and a special NWA Championship mode, Fire Pro Wrestling World has three story modes.

A career mode or at least a tournament mode would be welcome, but we only have exhibition matches.

This is how wrestling should be: fun (albeit flawed)

Action arcade wrestling

Since the game is no longer branded by Chikara, it has a roster made up of generic wrestlers (like Fire Pro Wrestling World did before the update with New Japan wrestlers), but this problem is easily solved with community creations.

Unlike games like WWE, where each platform has its own creations, the creations in Action Arcade Wrestling are cross-platform thanks to the character creation tool Wrestle Lab.

Wrestle Lab is a PC program that is very flexible and allows immense customization, with no limits to the player’s imagination. Unfortunately the program didn’t run on my PC, but the creations are available for all platforms.

So you can have fights ranging from Adam Cole vs CM Punk to a rematch between Shawn Michaels and GOD vs Vince and Shane McMahon… Or you can go crazy and pit Optimus Prime against a Pepsi machine. The sky (or community creativity) is the limit.

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The game has 16 different battle types, but they can be divided into 4 types, single battles (with 3-way, 4-way and handicap variants), double/team battles (with tornado tag and elimination like Survival Series) and Rumble Matches, which can be either Battle Royal (with everyone in the ring at once) or Battle Rumble (recently added, it works like Royal Rumble, two in the ring and the other participants enter at fixed intervals).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific fights like ladder matches or table matches, although tables can be used as weapons in fights.

You can create your own union internally in-game and customize your roster and titles, with items unlocking as you level up (the more battles, the higher your level).

However, the game’s titles are a bit less than cosmetic as they don’t even appear in fights and even if you host title fights nothing changes. I don’t know if they intend to implement it in the future, but it’s a pity it’s not working now.

Sancini, talk about the gameplay

Action arcade wrestling

It’s for now! Anyway, the gameplay works like a still arcade version of what’s seen in WWE games, one button attack, one grab, use both buttons together for a powerful hit (or use a third button) .

Along with the D-Pad, punches can be thrown and simple combos can be performed. You can block hits by walking backwards like in a fighting game, and run with Attack + Grab in conjunction with the D-Pad to hit the ropes.

Special moves (also known as finishers) are only performed when the opponent is almost empty and depends on the conditions for use when you are close to the downed opponent (for a submission move like the Walls of Jericho) when you use it are grabbing your opponent for something like the Tombstone Piledriver and so on.

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The gameplay encourages variety, as movement reversals happen automatically when you repeat a move, grip, or even a finisher many times. And the fights are fierce when the game doesn’t crash.

Because yes, bugs and glitches are a constant in the game (more than once in a battle royale a glitch made me throw the opponent IN the ring) and more than once the game decided to just softlock my opponent when he refused to fight me in a 5v5 elimination.

The issue of in-game bugs always strikes me as “one step forward, two steps back” because while the latest update patch fixed some bugs, others surfaced and in-game load times increased exponentially on PS4.

Aesthetically beautiful, forgetful in the sound department

Graphically it is a simple but beautiful game. It doesn’t have ultra-detailed arenas or anything like that, but the base aesthetics are good.

The characters in cellshading help mask potential bugs, and many of the community creations that use the base graphics fit in well with the game’s roster.

The same cannot be said for the game’s soundtrack, which consists of a single song in the main menu. The fighters don’t have any themes or even appearances, which in turn makes a negative impression.

Zach Johnson’s over-the-top narration is limited, but at least it doesn’t get boring like in WWE games.

Difficult Decision

Action Arcade Wrestling’s potential is great, but there are flaws and a lack of enough base content that prevent this game from being considered a must-buy. Is it better than WWE 2k20?

Sure, but so far getting oral pleasure with Mortal Kombat’s Mileena is better than WWE 2k20, even if it means being a eunuch for life. (Editor’s note: BA DUM TSSS)

It’s cheaper than other wrestling games on the market, has good community content, and an arcade gauntlet mode is coming soon (at least that’s the intention of the developers), but still. If you want this game, maybe in a console sale.

Action Arcade Wrestling is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Switch version in the pipeline.

This review was conducted using a digital copy of the PlayStation 4 kindly provided by Reverb Triple XP.