I’m bad when it comes to fighting games, but I still love games like Mortal Kombat and co. It’s a genre I usually play when I just want to turn off my brain and push a few buttons and grind the AI ​​uncompromisingly .

Because of this, I came across many little-known games, some even relatively popular, others not so much. It’s just titles that I was in contact with that kind of really amused me at the time so the list is based on my memories, many of those listed have certainly aged well or badly so let’s be honest.

Let’s start with one I’ve played and loved a lot on PlayStation:


BIO FREAKS I had contact at the height of the PlayStation and spent good hours with it, mainly because of its aerial and long-range combat. But the icing on the cake here is the fact that we can dismember opponents during combat and even kill them instantly when we land the killing blow.

This ability to perform fatalities brings us to an interesting point since they usually title it Mortal Kombat clone, which I somewhat disagree with. He tries in his own way to break free and have his own face, but he doesn’t have a slow fight compared to MK.

In the game, each character represents a mega-corporation that decides to resolve their territorial differences in a bloody duel with genetically engineered characters. Well, who said you need a complex story to spill blood and guts all over?

It might not be the prettiest game you’ll find in the 32-bit generation library, but it certainly comes close, but I think it deserves a list among the 5 bad fighting games that I like


5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

Destrega is a little-known PlayStation exclusive, and those who’ve played it can have a hard time deciding if it’s good or bad. I particularly like it and even played it during a live recently and suffered a bit because of its “different” combat system.

It was developed by KOEI (now KOEI TECMO) and wanted to take a different path from other fighting games of the time by focusing more on strategic combat, where each one shoots some kind of magic and can be loaded and even allow combos.

And if the game surprises with this different gameplay, in the end it crowds out those who only want to exchange blows without working out many strategies, after all it is an arena game in which the enemy moves all the time long and short attacks and even dominates the game. The fight takes time.

Its story mode is interesting and even has competent CGI for the time, but it suffers from not being able to skip cutscenes. You have to see the whole story, which isn’t bad, but if you’ve already seen it, why watch it again, right?

It’s worth getting to know Destrega and spending a few hours with his fun magical attack system.

Clay Fighter 63 ⅓ | N64

5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

ClayFighter was born on the Super Nintendo and wasn’t a good game even there. When the third game came out on the Nintendo 64, it caught my attention, but unfortunately I didn’t have access to the platform at the time. I didn’t know anyone who had the game.

Anyway, many years later, exactly two years ago, I got a copy of the game and went there to play. I’ve come across a game that improves little in controls compared to its predecessor, but is much more playable and has a combo system, in addition to the inclusion of Claytalities.

The Super Nintendo version drew me in more because of the stop motion format and cartoon characters, but it had terrible gameplay. The history there was as deep as a saucer.

On the other hand, ClayFighter 63 ⅓ isn’t fun and you can easily spend a few good hours with it. We don’t have good gameplay, but at least you can say that it’s playable now. And the fact that earthworm Jim and janitor Boogerman are added adds some value to the brawl.

primal fury | SNES

5 Bad Fighting Games I Like

I’m going to be very direct about Primal Rage here, the reason I like it has more to do with nostalgia.

There is very little I can do in the game these days, but I still feel compelled to keep coming back to the game just to try. Once again the fact of the stop motion draws me in alongside the obvious violence, after all they are huge creatures fighting over who will be king.

The nostalgia factor is also in the whole list, but this one I really want to learn enough to finish one day. The controls are difficult to learn, making the experience more difficult but not impossible.

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls | MEGA DRIVE

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Fall isn’t the prettiest diamond in the Super Nintendo library, but it certainly isn’t just a useless lump of coal.

Inspired by that horrific 1993 animation, the game sets aside the beat ’em up that inaugurated the franchise to try and ride the then-booming Street Fighter wave.

A right decision? Deserves to be on this list of 5 Bad Fighting Games I Like?

Look, I still have my doubts to this day, but in any case, it delivered an odd game with somewhat harsh gameplay, but playable. It even uses elements not common in the franchise, like fatalities that can be performed by the characters, in addition to an adult theme, especially in the Mega Drive version.

My experience with the title isn’t the best, but I played it a lot with my brother growing up, so I have some affection.

Honorable Mention: Master of Combat | master system

Masters of Combat isn’t bad, in fact I think it’s very good and I’ve played it a lot on the Master System. Incidentally, I had direct access to one of the first fighting games, I have a history with SEGA’s 8-bit console.

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With only four characters, the game manages to deliver good gameplay for the player who has two-button controls. Damn, this is almost a miracle. I’ll even recommend reading a text from my friends on the QG Master blog about the game.

I have fond memories of the title and consider it an obscure gem in the Master System library.

Well, that’s it, those were 5 Bad Fighting Games I Like But Maybe You’ll Like Them Too. Comment below on some of the games considered bad but you love them.


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