A virtual reality: running, fighting, strategizing, winning challenges, dancing. These are just a few of the countless possibilities that video games offer players. While it’s just fun for most people when in moderation, games act as stimulants and have health benefits… Not to mention, you don’t really even need to stress out while downloading a PC game nowadays, because it’s just a piece of cake with downloading websites like gs2us pc games, which make it as easy as downloading the sold one, but for free.

For that, and after I’ve been arrested, I decided to switch my life back to some fun and have a quiet one instead.

But wait, is gaming really healthy?

This is shown by a study published in 2018 in the journal Frontiers in Psychology and conducted by researchers at the University of Milan Bicocca, in Italy. The results revealed that healthy young people who play video games with a certain frequency can improve cognitive skills, increase processing capacity and speed, reaction time, agility, among others. The authors also highlighted that even emotions have a positive impact on the virtual world.

Another research, published in 2019 in the journal Brain Sciences and developed by researchers at the International Institute of Life Sciences, in Indonesia, and the Tohoku University, in Japan, pointed to benefits for specific regions of the brain. A minimum of 16 hours of training showed effects on the structure of the hippocampus, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum—increased grey matter in these areas is associated with better working memory performance.

According to the experts interviewed by VivaBem, playing video games requires, above all, motor skills and strategic attention, which are important even for the cognitive development of children. “There are benefits, but everything that is good in excess sometimes gets bad,” warns neurologist Fábio Porto, a neurologist at the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo.

The advantages of playing

There are many educational games aimed at children, but teenagers and adults are not far behind. There’s something for everyone, including for the elderly who, in addition to having fun, can also be used to help with different types of treatment, such as game therapy.

Remember that they do not provide other activities and stimuli, but if used in moderation, they can bring numerous benefits. See the main ones:

  • Psychomotricity (ability to interact with movement and the environment).
  • Improvement in attention.
  • Strategy.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • Strength.
  • Agility.
  • Persistence.
  • Resilience.
  • Focus.
  • Reflection.
  • Memory.
  • Family interaction. Of course, when the game is in the family.
  • Stress relief.

There are even reports of people who learned other languages ​​just by playing video games. “That’s why it’s always worth looking for games that have some pedagogical purpose,” says neuropsychologist Déborah Moss.

But it’s important to keep an eye out, especially on children. “There is always a need to check age versus the style of play, as it is possible that the game influences the daily life of children or adolescents.

For example, an aggressive game can arouse anger, stress and irritability”, points out psychologist Gabriela Luxo. In 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) launched an unprecedented guide with guidelines for children under five years of age.

What are the possible disadvantages of gaming

“Spending the day playing games can cause cognitive and emotional damage, such as, for example, lack of personal contact, exclusion, little empathy, communication difficulties and even obesity “, warns Luxo.

Porto explains that, as well as addicts to physical activity, for example, there are also video game addicts. “It’s not normal to play more than five hours every day. You should never play more than three hours a day.

On the weekend, it’s okay to do a marathon, but you have to be discerning because there’s no such point in literature. clearly defined cutting edge”, he says. Experts point out that just as it is not ideal to ban all types of sweets for children, neither should.

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How about becoming a professional gamer?

In the first place, every video game fan has ever wondered if he could make his hobby his job: being able to make a living from playing video games would be a dream come true for many of us. Imagine it: being a professional gamer …

In addition, in this section, we will discuss the different steps that must be followed to become a professional video game player. Or rather, a professional of electronic sports, eSports.

Clarifications: Professions linked to electronic sports, eSports

It is important to note, in the first place, that not everything related to making money with esports involves becoming a professional gamer or participating and/or winning any of the multiple eSports championships that are held annually around the world. There are a large number of professions linked to this world of videogames that can make you profit by doing what you like the most: following, being interested in and enjoying electronic sports.

These professions include the following:

  • Videogame team coach: If your skills as a player are good, but not enough to be among the world’s elite and yet you have a great knowledge of the game, its mechanics and strategies, perhaps you can specialize in training and managing a professional team on his way to glory.
  • Journalist: If you are truly passionate about electronic sports, you like to know everything and make this information reach the public either in writing or by any other means of communication, do not hesitate, this is your thing.
  • Marketing specialist linked to eSports: If yours is business, long and tense conversations and multi-million dollar contracts, get in touch with one of the companies linked to this world.
  • ESpots Referee: Referees, also known as Admins, are in charge of recording and later viewing the games that are played live in tournaments to ensure that the pro gamers comply with the tournament rules, imposing penalties on those teams or players that breach them.
  • Professional gamers agent: Not everything is games and shows, eSports has its rules beyond what we see in broadcasts and every team needs someone who understands how that world works, and knows how to move in it to get the best contracts and benefits for represented.
  • Streamer: Finally, there are the streamers, who, as their name suggests, are dedicated to broadcasting and commenting on events and games. In order to dedicate yourself to this, you will need, in addition to an attractive voice, a good legion of followers and a channel on one of the main esports viewing channels (YouTube, Twitch or Mixer, mainly).

However, this article is focused on how to be a professional video game player, so, once the above has been explained, we will give below a series of tips on how to achieve it. Indeed, you can work by playing video games.

Focus on a single video game

In the world of electronic sports, there are many professional video game competitions and many video games to participate in, so we recommend focusing only on one of them because if it is already difficult to master just one of them, it is practically impossible. excel at all.videogame

To the question, what video game should I choose? Our answer is: The one you like the most, the one you enjoy the most.

Choose a platform to play eSports

After being clear about what game to dedicate the afternoons to, we must ask ourselves on which platform we want to practice it.

The most important Esports tournaments are held on PC, but there are also several highly reputable leagues on Xbox One and Playstation 4, it’s all a matter of taste.

Learn from the best professional gamers

On the other hand, study tactics and above all, follow the world championships live or through broadcasts to learn about the virtues and mistakes of professional video game players. There are also numerous guide websites or YouTube channels focused on learning everything you need to master the game, as well as very useful tips when playing it.

Socialize with the other professional video game players

The vast majority of eSports star video games are team games, so don’t be shy and communicate with the other players, they will greatly facilitate things on your way to glory.

Train like a pro gamer

Even the most skilled of electronic players will never get anywhere without practising, and I mean practising a lot. Professional esports teams train approximately 8 hours a day. If you want to make a living from eSports, you will have to make it your job.

Join/create a team of gamers

It is important that you start playing with the same group of players, team sports require coordination.

Also, arrange friendly matches between your team and some other team of similar level (the famous scrims ) to help each other progress.

Participate in online video game tournaments

Participating and winning in one of the many online tournaments that exist will provide you with community recognition, experience in competing with high-level rivals and, occasionally, the odd prize. The first two, essential to advance in your career.

Furthermore, in Spain, the ArenaGG website depends directly on the LVP and offers different types of tournaments, prizes and a monthly ranking of the best participants.

Join a professional video game league

Many of the major professional video game leagues allow new teams to participate in qualifying leagues from which the teams that will participate in the world championship will be decided.

Among the major international leagues, the most prestigious are KeSPA, ESL, ESEA and MLG.

If, on the contrary, you want to start from a more national level, helping the leagues of your country to develop, you can participate in the LVP in Spain, which also already has a presence in Peru, Chile and Argentina and plans to expand in the coming years to Colombia and Mexico.